How to Write a Babysitter Resume (with Sample)

When trying to get a nanny or babysitting job, one should be warned it can be a competitive market. To acquire a great job, it requires having a creative resume. These resumes are not like the traditional ones, actually, they require the ability for one to think outside the box and be specific about things that most employers wouldn’t normally care about. 

quality of experience

The resume should be effective and regardless of how much experience a person has, it is the quality of experience that can make a difference. To be a good babysitter, it will require the ability to adapt too many environments and to be able to relate to children on their level. Prospective employers are going to want good skills and excellent references to be considered for these coveted jobs.

For starters, be sure to list any formal training. Parents want to see CPR or First Aid classes and certifications. To a parent, this means a person can handle an emergency with their child. 

This will ease the parent’s worries and make an applicant stand out from the others. There are also other formal training that a person can get into, all these make a babysitter highly desired. The more professional a resume looks, the easier it is to land a great job.

highlight skills

Don’t be afraid to highlight skills of the trade. If a person has worked with MRDD children or those with other special needs, be sure to include that tactfully in the resume. Not every child is perfect and even though most parents think their child is the exception, usually they are all a handful. Knowing that a person can handle even the toughest of situations is positive in an employer’s eyes. 

Being able to multi-task, at times work under supervision and being a team player are all positive aspects that an employer needs to see. Babysitters have to be imaginative and have great personalities. 

creative & responsive

It is important to highlight such characteristics on one’s resume. Being creative and responsive, as well as being on time and responsible are all things that potential employers want to see. How a nanny or sitter conducts themselves is important. This person will be teaching and training the child. Showing that a person has a pro-active approach to child care is a step in the right direction.

Always Be Up Beat

Always be up-beat, nobody wants a gloomy person watching their children. Children tend to take on the nature of the person they are around the most. If a nanny is always sad and gloomy, the children are not going to have a good time.

Using phrases in the resume that show that a person is light-hearted and happy is always wise. Make sure to include a great deal of descriptive words and no matter how much a person may have hated the job, always be positive.

tailor your resume

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not tailoring the resume to the type of job they are applying for. If the job is for a live-in nanny, it should be different than an occasional babysitter. It doesn’t mean that a person has to lie on their application, but they just highlight different aspects based on the type of job they are applying for. Unfortunately, there is a high turnover in the babysitting industry.

Make sure to include all nanny jobs, even if it was just an after school gig. People want to see that an applicant fits their specific job. For instance, if the family that has a nanny job has a large in-ground swimming pool, and swimming is listed as a must, it may be beneficial to state if a person was a lifeguard before. Tailoring the application to meet the specifics is always good.

Include Scheduling Constraints

A babysitter resume should always include any time or scheduling constraints there are. Employers need to know what a person can and cannot work. There may be some holidays required for a live in positions, be sure to state if open to working on specific days. 

Irregular shifts and even Saturdays may be required; it is always good to put feelings out there about these uncommon days up front. By taking a bit of time and drafting the perfect resume, it will help land a great job.

babysitter Resume sample

Jennifer Thomas
Grove City, OH 43123 | 555-290-5924 | | LinkedIn URL



An accountable and knowledgeable babysitter looking to share my eagerness and imagination as a full-time babysitter for a family that needs helps with their daily activities and all of their childcare needs.


B.A. in Early Childhood Development, Ohio State University; graduated 2010


  • First-aid Certified
  • CPR certified
  • Excellent References
  • Driver’s License with no infractions

work Experience

Daycare Assistant, OSU Daycare Center, 2014 – 2022

This daycare center provides professional care for the professors and the graduate students who work there. I helped with activities and daily overseeing of children ages 1 to 3. Due to my creative nature, I was able to come up with many fun activities for the children. This was a high-paced environment that required my ability to keep up.

Camp Counselor, Tick Ridge Summer Camp, Summers 2011 – 2014

This daycare required an enthusiastic counselor and I was perfect. My age group was the 5-9 year old and I was busy making sure they were constructively busy. I helped the lead counselor with the children’s daily activities. 

I also was in charge for leading the children in song, explore Mother Nature, and working with those children who were shy. My ultimate goal was to ensure each child was comfortable and that the parent also felt comfortable leaving them in my care.

Nanny for Smith family, as needed 2007 – 2011

This single mother needed lots of help with her three boys. All school aged, she would often have me help with homework and make sure their baths were taken and rooms cleaned before bed.

She worked second shift and this made the evenings difficult for her. All three boys had ADHD and were quite a handful, yet I found activities that were able to stimulate them and keep their attention.

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