How to Write a Christmas Letter [Free Sample]

Christmas cards used to be the acceptable way to communicate with friends and loved ones during the holiday season. 

However, these cards can be a bit impersonal and lack the space to really update everyone on the happenings in a family’s life. Out are the cards and in are the Christmas letters.

People are finding that sending a letter out once a year can be very valuable. Rather than a cold and impersonal card with a nice scenic picture on it, many are opting for a letter than personally gives updates on what’s going on in the family.

different ways to send a Christmas letter

There are a couple a different ways to send a Christmas letter. First, the letter can be a standard format that goes to all relatives, or it can be a personalized letter to each individual family member. It is easiest to have a template and to modify it a bit for each person.

This type of letter is not formal and should be more whimsical. The greeting doesn’t have to be the standard, “Dear Aunt Suzie.” Try something like “Merry Christmas Aunt Susie” or “Greetings”.

Christmas Card

Remember there is no format here to follow so it can be written however a person sees fit. The main thing is to have fun with the letter, make it personal and add a bit of humor to the writing. There are no right or wrong ways to create a letter like this.

Start out by wishing the other parties a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. The goal is to revisit the past year and tell the major events have occurred. This is not a letter that should focus on the negative.

While sometimes it is unavoidable to mention a battle the family has faced, like with health, it should be handled delicately. Since the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, the letter should be positive and upbeat.

first paragraph

The first paragraph can be a brief synopsis of the past year. If personalizing the letters, put something in their unique to the relative.

For instance, if the relative has an amazing recipe they bring to Christmas Dinner each year; tell them the family cannot wait for this year’s bounty.

Tell them how much they are missed and how excited the family will be to see them. The next paragraph should discuss briefly what has been going on in each person’s life.

If a child has made the honor roll, gloat on them a bit. Write about new jobs, new babies, retirement, anything that a relative or friend would want to keep up on. Here is a sample Christmas Letter.

Sample Christmas Letter

October 3, 2022

Greetings Aunt Susie,

2022 has been a memorable year at the Conner household. We have had many blessings come our way. I have been thinking about your homemade cherry jam and bunt cake all year long. I cannot wait till Christmas dinner when we can get together and talk and of course, eat.

First Sam has been working hard and has received not one but two promotions this year. The extra income helped to fund my spending habits. Thomas has been on the honor roll the entire year and is doing well since we put him in private school.

I have still been working hard at Piper Elementary and hope to move up to a new position at the first of the year. We are still living in that big old house on Elm Street. 

One of these days we are going to sell this money pit and move on up, but for now we are stuck. The old house is kind of growing on me a bit, I do like the room.

We have seen many things happen over the past year, some good and some bad. The most memorable time was when my dear husband, Sam, got a clean bill of health. After a scare with cancer, I didn’t know if we would even make it to the holiday season.

This year in our family, we have decided not to buy gifts. Life is a gift and we just want to spend time together looking at photos, stuffing our faces, and not going in debt.

We cannot wait to see you Millie and the gang. I know grandma will make Christmas feast to remember.


Lisa Simmons

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