Writing a Cover Letter with No Experience [Free Samples]

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There are several reasons why a person who has no work experience may start looking or a job. He or she may be a recent graduate or a mother or father who stayed at home with their children and are entering the workforce only after the children are older. 

Students may have summer jobs or internships, but these may not help when they are applying for a job in their chosen field. 

According to career counselors and placement experts, there are a few features a cover letter for a work-application resume that offers no work experience must have.

Main Aim Of The Cover Letter

The main aim of the cover letter is to introduce the applicant to the reader. It should also respond to the requirements of the job and attract the reader’s interest with details.

The letter should avoid using the word “I” too many times. Since there is little experience in the field, the applicant can concentrate on general skills, personal attributes, key strengths, school grades and achievement, club and community participation and hobbies and outside interests. 

First Paragraph

The first paragraph should give the name of the applicant, the job for which he or she is applying, how they heard about the job, and, if possible, the name of a reference with whom they have a personal connection.

For example, the applicant may say that she learned about the job online or from a flyer at a university placement center. The first paragraph should also contain the location of the job and the location of the applicant.

For example, if the applicant does not live in the same location as the job, he or she should clearly state that they will be at the required location.

If the applicant states that he or she could be at the required location, it may sound like ambivalence about whether they really want the job.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph needs to show that the applicant has researched the company and specific job, to demonstrate how the applicant is the right person for the job. 

Research may include reading blogs on the company website, looking at all the social media sites where the company is a member and doing a wide-range Google search. 

With this knowledge, the applicant can tailor the cover letter to show that he or she has the skills to do the job. For example, even though the applicant has no work experience, does not mean that they are without skills. 

They may be good at organizing an office, being a receptionist with good personal skills or have a degree in design are looking for an entry-level job in a graphic arts business. 

Third Paragraph

The third paragraph may contain more information on the applicant’s personal traits. For example, in this paragraph, the applicant can say he or she is cooperative, has a solid work ethic or works well on a team. 

Any personal qualifications listed should be accompanied by examples. For example, the applicant may have good organization skills, which can be verified by the owner of Name of Shop where they worked one summer and completely reorganized the presentation of goods. 

The applicant can also describe volunteer work such as working on a political campaign, coaching children in a sport such as tennis or soccer or volunteering to collect trash and take it to a recycling depot.

At the end of the letter, the applicant should say that they would call the person at a specific time. This should be at least a week after the letter was sent.

Below is a sample cover letter that should accompany a resume when a person is applying for a job. 

Cover letters may be sent as an attachment to a resume sent online or along with an application that is sent by certified mail. 

Sample Cover Letter With No Experience

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Employer or Human Resource Official
Name of Company
Address of Company
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Employer:

This letter accompanies my resume to apply for the position of day-care assistant in your esteemed nursery school and day-care center.

I learned that you were looking for another assistant from my sister, Name of Sister, whose child, Name of Child, attends your center.

I graduated last month with a BA degree in early childhood education from Name of University, and have volunteered every summer at Name of Summer Camp for the past three years.

At the summer camp, I assisted Name of Director, the director, in organizing special events such as camp-outs, sports days and nature hikes.

I enjoy working with young children because their enthusiasm and sense of wonder inspiring, and I like to facilitate and further their interests.

One summer I spent establishing the arts and crafts program, and at the end of the summer, organized an art show for the parents.

It is clear to me that children require support and encouragement to realize their fullest potential.

Some of my personal attributes that may make me suitable for the position are:

• I am a very positive and generally happy person, do not anger easily and always look for compromise rather than confrontation.
• I work well with parents and children.
• I am a hard-worker and, in some instances, a perfectionist.

My grades were high in all of my education classes and my professors will provide letters of recommendation. The director of Name of Summer Camp will also send a letter of recommendation.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to meet you and answer any questions you have. I will call you on DATE to schedule an interview.

My phone number is Phone Number and my email address is Email Address. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.


Your Signature
Your Printed Name
List of Enclosures: Resume

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