Writing a Functional Resume [with Sample]

The functional resume can fit most people with their job hunt. If a person doesn’t have the best job history, or has some flaws they want to hide, they should select this style of resume. 

What it does is highlight skills rather than job experience. This can be through education training or through on the job training, but the skill section is what is important in this style of writing.



Before selecting this style of resume, make sure that it improves the odds of getting an interview and hopefully the job. Since it emphasizes skills and doesn’t really follow a specific chronological order, shifting the focus can be beneficial to some people.

Changing Careers

If an individual is changing careers, they may want to highlight their skills and not their previous job experience. If there is a need to bring in older experience or even volunteer positions, this is the right style of resume. 

Oftentimes, people will have an interruption or their career takes a detour, then customizing the resume and de-emphasizing the chronology can be beneficial.

start brainstorming

After deciding that this is the right style of resume, start brainstorming. Make a list of all the accomplishments made. Whether they are important or not doesn’t really matter at this stage, it is just important to right them all down.

Include things like:

• Volunteer involvement.
• Involvement working in a different country, business, or trade function.
• Education, educational background, and training that occurred on the job.
• Skills, particularly computers and dialectal skills.
• Clubs and communal associations.
• Hobby, abilities, and do-it-yourself skills.

Now that the list is complete, organize them. Look over the strengths and find what is the best and what is the least likely to intrigue an employer. For instance, being a computer whiz will certainly grab an employer’s attention in this technical society.

degrees & experience

Degrees and years of experience are also good to include in a resume. The strongest asset should have the most importance on a resume. It is also acceptable to use subdivisions on the resume and to categorize the experience.

Categories like general people skills and concrete accomplishments are a couple that could be used. There should be a brief opening paragraph similar to the career objective, but try to avoid that overused term. 

It is a risk to use a resume of this nature; employers may think a person has something to hide. However, done correctly, this resume can be highly effective.

Here is a sample of a sales functional resume:

Sales Functional Resume Sample

Jennifer Smith
6784 Meriwether Court
Arthurdale, WV 26520
Phone: 304.555.1490
Email: jsmith12@gmail.com


After numerous years of effective engagement in the sales and car insurance industries, I decided it was time to take my career on a different journey. My goal is to look at business and medical sales and to focus on my strong suits to make this bold career move.

Given the fact that I have a strong sales background and medical knowledge, from working in claims, I have increased my knowledge. I now have the skills to get a great job in this profession.



West Virginia University Degree: Networking-Marketing Grade Point Average: 3.2


October 2008-February 2012 Farmers Insurance, Morgantown, WV

My responsibilities here were to sell life and hospital indemnity insurance policies. I was in charge of making cold calls to acquire new customers. I would often go to the customer’s home and do a sales presentation about the packages we had to offer.

I would analyze existing policies and see how we could extend coverages. I completed health questionnaires and helped people find the best packages for their health and budget.

I had a quota to meet and always was on target. I worked with little to no supervision and was used as a trainer for the company.

May 2008 to August 2010

Sales Representative

Jonesville Wrapping Paper Company, Morgantown, WV

I was responsible for going door to door and selling paper products to local businesses. We also handled cleaning supplies. I had to fill my regular customer orders and also acquire new customers. I was able to obtain several high dollar customers that are still utilizing their services.


October 2008-February 2012 Farmers Insurance, Morgantown, WV

Though my job here was to sell medical insurance, I often helped out on car insurance claims. I had to learn medical codes and what to fill in the proper blanks for payment.

I learned a great deal about the medical field and medical terminology. I feel that the information I learned at this job will help me change my career path.


I am easy to talk too and can build rapport with different personalities quickly. I am down to earth and like working with the public. I have a charming side and can handle most situations with ease.

My experience and my-self driven nature is a perfect match for a busy company. I am self-motivated and can work with little supervision. I like having goals and I can meet and exceed what is given to me.

References available upon request

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