Land Your Next Client with a Strong Marketing Proposal Letter

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A marketing proposal letter is a document that outlines the details of a marketing campaign or project that you are proposing to a potential client or partner. 

It should include information about the target audience, the marketing strategies and tactics you will use, and the expected outcomes of the campaign.

To write a marketing proposal letter:

  1. Start by introducing yourself and your company, and provide a brief overview of the marketing campaign or project you are proposing.

  2. Next, outline the target audience for the campaign, including demographics and any specific characteristics or interests that will be relevant to the marketing efforts.

  3. Outline the marketing strategies and tactics that you will use to reach and engage the target audience, including details about the channels, platforms, and tactics that will be used.

  4. Explain the expected outcomes of the campaign, including any specific goals or objectives that you hope to achieve, such as increased sales or brand awareness.

  5. Include a budget proposal that outlines the costs associated with the marketing campaign or project, including any fees or expenses that will be incurred.

  6. Finally, provide any additional information that may be relevant to the proposal, such as case studies or examples of previous successful campaigns.

Sample 1 - Marketing Proposal Letter

Dear [Client],

I am writing to propose a marketing campaign for your company, [Company Name]. Our team at [Agency Name] specializes in creating comprehensive marketing campaigns that drive results, and we believe we can help you achieve your goals.

The target audience for this campaign will be [Target Audience], and we will use a variety of marketing strategies and tactics to reach and engage them. This will include [Marketing Strategies and Tactics], such as social media advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.

We expect that this campaign will achieve the following outcomes: [Expected Outcomes]. In order to achieve these results, we propose a budget of [Budget].

Please find attached a more detailed proposal outlining our approach and the specific tactics we will use. We believe that this marketing campaign will be highly effective in driving results for your company, and we look forward to discussing it further with you.


[Your Name]

Sample 2 - Marketing Proposal Letter

Marketing Experts Inc
4430 Marketing Drive
Rockford, MD  31101
Attn: Ms. Kathy Hughes

Dear Ms. Hughes:

Are you looking for a new and better way to spend your company’s resources on gathering new business leads every week?

Our organization understands how difficult and frustrating it is to make numerous cold calls day after day that lead to very little interest overall.

Every thriving business needs solid leads each and every week in order to survive and grow. Since you are such a high-profile marketing agency, you have a golden opportunity to expand and reap bigger profits.

Exact Leads, Inc. has been assisting companies and other organization like yours for more than 8 years. Our company enables businesses to stop implementing unsuccessful methods like cold calling or direct mailing in order to gain new leads.

Our solid leads are derived from Internet questionnaires that certain companies have already responded to and are interested in.

Basically, these are potential clients who have specifically shown a keen interest in your products or services and are simply waiting for you to contact them.

Our experienced staff is quite knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile on behalf of our customers.

We are very selective about who we hire to handle our business, which is why we’ve chosen only the finest people available to work for our organization in order to best serve our clients.

At Exact Leads, Inc., we know how valuable you are to the livelihood of our own organization and therefore take your needs and concerns very seriously. Great customer service is our top priority.

If you’re fed up of begging for leads that will potentially boost your business, Exact Leads, Inc. is here to help. Our leads are fresh and come straight from the Internet every day.

Contact us today to take your business to a whole new level while saving a great deal of money along the way.


Ben Jackson
CEO Of Exact Leads, Inc.
(302) 555 – 4433

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