Writing a Teacher Resume [with Sample]

A school teacher resume should focus on the candidate’s teaching experience along with their academic background. The experience may be from a full-time teaching job, part-time job, tutoring as a business or informally tutoring local children.

Whatever the experience, it can only enhance the candidate’s chances of getting the job. In some cases, the applicant may not have the required qualifications, but their experience more than makes up for it. When sending this kind of document, always include a cover letter.

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Cover Letter Is Very Important

The cover letter is very important because it may be the only thing the human resource person reads. It is the place where the candidate can be a bit more enthusiastic with their qualifications and even state why they should be given the job.

The cover letter can be considered a personal sales brochure that is a little livelier than what is included in a resume, which needs to only have clear, concise information. However, the document can also highlight the candidate’s most impressive accomplishments and qualities.

The cover letter should be formatted like a business letter with all the contact information. It can include a few sentences that show that the candidate has knowledge of the school where they are applying for a teaching job.

It should be addressed to the person who does the employing and begin with an indication that the candidate is interested in the teaching position and why they feel they are the best person for the job. The letter can also mention that the candidate has worked in several teaching positions and give an idea of what type of teacher the candidate is.

Best Practices And Standards

There is not one correct way to formulate a resume, but there are best practices and standards that are recommended to make the candidate have a better chance of getting the job.

• The format should be business style. This means the font should be easy to read, there should be white spaces between the major items, and there should be no colors or designs on the document.

The formatting should be consistent. If a job title is in bold font, all of the job titles should be in bold font. If it doesn’t look professional, the human resources people will most likely discard it immediately.

• The experiences included in the document should be the most relevant to the job required. For example, if the candidate is applying for the position of coach, they should include teams they have coached and games they have won, even if they are not part of a formal teaching position.

• It is recommended that candidates have their document proofread and edited by several people. This will ensure that the content is well presented and accurate with no spelling errors or typos.

• The information must be in reverse chronological order from the present to the past.

• Achievements should be described and not duties. If possible, list quantifiable outcomes.

• The document should be one page. If there are too many experiences listed, only the ones that directly relate to teaching should be included.

• The information needs to be 100 percent accurate. Nothing should be added that isn’t true.

• It should be printed on good quality paper.

The first name and last name of the candidate, their contact information including street address and professional address if applicable as well as a list of their certifications and their education must be on every document.

Experience must also be included, but there are several ways to include different kinds of experience. Teaching experience including student teaching is essential, but being a camp counselor for 10 year old children every summer for the last five years is also good experience to mention, but not in the same list as teaching jobs.

Buzz words can be effective, but they can also be pretentious if not used correctly. Some useful buzz words are:

• Interdisciplinary learning
• Guided reading
• Team teaching
• Multicultural instruction
• Cooperative learning
• Developmentally appropriate practice

Here is a sample teacher’s resume. If it is too be mailed and not carried to an interview, it should be sent by certified mail, so there will be proof of the date and time it was received. The cover letter should be included with the document as well as any references the candidate has.

Sample Teacher Resume

Name of Candidate
Address of Candidate
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address



YEARS EMPLOYED AT THE SCHOOL such as September, 2010 to the present

• Created and used daily and unit lesson plans for 10th grade math and administered tests, evaluated the tests and analyzed student performance.
• Conducted group math activities.
• Promoted good student/teacher inaction and fostered a classroom environment conducive to learning.
• Participated in faculty and parent conferences.



• Taught all subjects for third grade, administered class exams and helped the students enjoy learning.
• Gave special help to bring children up to grade-level reading standard.
• Developed excellent rapport with students and promoted student engagement.
• Attended parent/teacher conferences.



• Taught lessons in math, science, social studies and reading curricula in 6th grade classroom.
• Created and implemented literature study based on international theme.





Tutored children from several elementary schools in my district to help bring them to grade-level reading standard and to teach them comprehension, vocabulary and problem-solving

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