How to Write a Housekeeping Resume [Free Sample]

The housekeeping field is one that is growing in popularity. As people’s lives tend to get busier and busier, they need help keeping their homes clean.

Whether applying through an agency or to a private ad that was posted, the Housekeeping Resume is the key to landing a great job. While some think it is just a maid position, these positions are in demand and making an effort to do a resume right could help you land the perfect job.

Numerous Ways To Write A Resume

There are numerous ways to write a resume and there isn’t a right or wrong answer. The best way is to use a standard format and to not veer off the straight and narrow too much. Your resume needs to be easy to read and should not have any fancy stuff that can distract from the information it entails.

Save graphics and fancy papers for other letters. This one needs to be on resume paper in ivory or white and have a matching envelope. On top of the resume their needs to be a proper cover sheet for review. Employers expect the application packet to be complete and these are considered standard.

First Section

To start your resume, either center your name in the middle of the page or put it to the left hand side. This should be followed by your address, phone number and email address. Make sure all contact information is clearly printed and easy to find should they want to call you for an interview.

The next section of the resume needs to be a career objective. This is just your goals and how you see yourself in five or ten years. It should be one to two sentences and shouldn’t ramble on. Just be short and sweet and give them a sense of why you are the candidate to hire.

second Section

The second section is reserved for education. Since most employers put specifics in their job postings about education, they pay a great deal of attention to this section.

The typical type of training that needs to go in this section is high school, college and any special classes like trade or technical school. They don’t need elementary and middle school stuff, just the formal education that counts and of course the high school diploma.

third Section

Typically, the Third section should detail your skills. As a housekeeper, the only skill required is to be able to clean well. It is not really necessary to put this section if you don’t have anything other than the typical running vacuum etc.

Those in other positions where there is cash handling or typing may want to draw attention to these features. In the skills area, you can put if you have handled accounts that have whole house security systems, if you are bonded and insured, years you have been cleaning and information of this nature.

Fourth Section

The fourth section is all about employment. The typical average is not to put more than 5 jobs down or the past 10 years of employment. Putting anything beyond 10 years is usually a waste of effort in a housekeeping job. Always start with the most recent employment and work backwards.

Be sure to include the name and address of the employer, the dates of employment, phone number, supervisor and the reason why you left. By doing this it will make it easier on both you and the employer. You need this information to fill out applications and they need it to check references.

Final Section

The final section is only if you have room and it is references. If there is no room, try to squeeze this section on and put “upon request.” Keep the resume one page and it is acceptable to add an additional page of references.

Housekeeping Resume sample

Lisa Rivera
Baltimore, MD 55555 | 555-123-4567 | | LinkedIn URL


Effective and dependable Housekeeper with 5+ years of experience ensuring rooms are cleaned and inspected according to corporate standards, as well as managing linen and supply inventories, assisting with laundry, and welcoming and checking in guests as needed.


West Virginia University
I received my bachelor’s degree in [YEAR] in business administration. I was on the honor roll the entire time I was enrolled in college.

Southeastern Career Center
Was enrolled in the Cooperative business Education Program from [YEAR – YEAR]. I graduated with certificate of completion in [YEAR].

South Ripley High School
I graduated with honors in June of [YEAR]. I served as class secretary during my sophomore year.


Can Efficiently Lead Others
Good Communication Skills
The Ability To Get The Job Done Right
Bonded and Insured
More Than 10 Years’ Experience In Cleaning Industry
Can Work Independently


Housekeeping Clerk

Gale’s Hardware
Date of Employment: DATE – Present
Supervisor: Gale Harding

This job has been extremely gratifying. Gale owns and operates a hardware store that serves Jackson County. I’m in charge of keeping the store and warehouse tidy. I did it on my own for a long time, but she lately hired some help. Sales have decreased as the economy has deteriorated, and store hours have been reduced.

Housekeeper / Nanny

Larry and Cindy Kidd
Dates of Employment: DATE – DATE
Supervisor: Cindy Kidd
Reason For Leaving: Kids Graduated

For more than eight years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Kidd family. I assisted them in raising their two lovely children while keeping their 5,000 square foot home pristine. They had two kitchens, three living rooms, and six bathrooms in their home.

Keeping up with everything during the children’s pre-teen years was difficult, but I managed to do so. I was sad to leave this job, but with my children grown, I chose to pursue other opportunities because the salary would be lower.


Available Upon Request

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