How to Write a Job Rejection Letter [Free Sample]

You should be prompt with your denial when writing a letter to decline a job offer. Because the employer will need to give the job to another candidate as soon as possible, this is a courtesy to them.

It is not necessary to say that you are taking another job since it pays better in the letter. There’s no need to go into depth regarding the other job. Simply state that you are accepting a position that better fits your career goals.

A sample of a job rejection letter to an employer can be seen below. It must be concise and to the point. It can be sent certified mail, ensuring that the HR department receives it.

sample job offer rejection letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Interviewer’s Name
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Interviewer’s Name:

I’d want to express my gratitude for the job offer of assistant manager at Name of Company’s art department, but I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. After much thought, I’ve decided on another opportunity because it’s in my core field of competence, public art.

If circumstances had been different, I would have accepted your offer because of your generosity and honesty during the interview process. I congratulate you on your accomplishments in your industry, and I wish you continued success.


Your Name

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