How to Write a Letter to Santa [with Sample]

Farewell Santa Claus

Santa Clause is coming to town whether parents are ready or not. The magic of the Christmas season starts months in advance of Santa’s grand flight on December 24th. Children are making their lists and even checking them twice.

Whether they have been knotty or nice makes no difference, children will construct their letter to Santa and want to ensure that it goes a long way to persuade the jolly old elf for a toy or two. Children now days ask for items that cost hundreds of dollars, what happened to the inexpensive game of jacks or the infamous paddles with a ball on a string?

Regardless of the child is asking for, creating the perfect letter is what it is all about. To help a child draft a great letter is not hard, but it does take some creativity. If the letter does not get Santa’s attention, they just might not get what they want for Christmas.

Any professional looking letter to Santa should always start with telling him how good the little one has been. After all, that is how the wealth of presents is measured, based solely on behavior. If the child has had a bumpy year, then they should apologize and make things right.

This is also a good opportunity for parents to sit down with their child and reflect over the past year. Since Santa is a mythical creature anyway, remember he knows and sees all. Children need to be honest in their letter and encourage them to do so.

Don’t have them tell Santa how good they have been when you know they have been a little terror. Rather, have them state their sins and apologize. With a good apology for wrong doings, they can ensure Santa will be coming down their chimney this year.

When it comes to the actual wish list, try to encourage them to be realistic. Remind them that Santa has to provide lots of toys for boys and girls. Every parent knows their budgetary restrictions and while that new video game system may be possible for some, others may think it is an absorbent request.

Encourage the child to live within their means and to ask for things that you can bring. If they ask for things that you cannot buy, then their belief in Santa may dwindle before they realize he is no more real than the tooth fairy. Rule of thumb is to give Santa between 2-5 things to choose from.

Remember the elves are very busy and they may run out of some toys. By having a few items to choose from, this gives parents options should they not be able to find that one main item.

Did you know that you can actual mail the letters to the North Pole? Well, each Post Office Branch is accustomed to getting letters to Santa and they have a special method for handling them.

Mailing the letter will make it seem even more real to the child. Santa also takes emails for those who live in the technological era and send their request on-line. Here is a sample letter to help your little one make their request known.

Sample Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I wanted you to know that I have been a very good little girl this year. I have played nice with my brother and completed all my chores that my mommy and daddy asked. I also got good grades on my report card and I hope you saw that.

This year for Christmas, I don’t want much, but the doll in the American Girl catalog that’s name is Saige. Saige is an Indian doll who loves horses and lives in New Mexico.

I love horses so much that I also would like some of the Briar horses to play with. I also like Barbie and Sophia the First dolls. Anything you want to bring me would be nice. I can’t wait till you come.

Since last year you ate all the chocolate chip cookies I laid out for you, I will be sure to make those again this year. Satan, I have waited all year for you to come. I made sure my chimney is clean so you won’t get your suit dirty when you come down.