How to Write a Letter to Santa [with Sample]

Regardless of how prepared parents are, Santa Claus is coming to town. The Christmas spirit begins months before Santa’s grand flight on December 24th. Kids are making lists and even double-checking them.

Children will write their letter to Santa and want to make sure it goes a long way to convince the jolly old man to give them a toy or two, regardless of whether they have been good or bad. 


In today’s world, kids demand products that cost hundreds of dollars. What became of the cheap game of jacks or the iconic paddle game involving a ball on a string?

main goal

No matter what the youngster asks for, the main goal is to write the ideal letter. It is simple to assist a child in creating a fantastic letter, but imagination is required. They could not get what they want for Christmas if the letter does not catch Santa’s eye.

Any professional-looking letter to Santa should always begin by complimenting the child on their good behavior. After all, based only on behavior, that is how the value of gifts is determined. If the youngster has had a difficult year, they should accept responsibility and make amends.

Farewell Santa Claus

Parents should take advantage of this chance to sit down with their children and discuss the previous year. Santa is a mythical character, so keep in mind that he sees and knows everything. In their letters, children should be truthful, and we should encourage them to do so.

When you know they have been a little terror, don’t have them tell Santa how excellent they have been. Instead, ask them to repent and state their transgressions. They may make sure Santa will visit their house this year by offering a sincere apologies for any misconduct.

Try to encourage them to be practical when it comes to the actual wish list. Remind children that Santa has to bring both boys and girls plenty of toys. 

financial limitations

Every parent is aware of their financial limitations, and although some parents may be able to afford that new video game system, others would consider it to be an unreasonable request.

Encourage the child to ask for items you can supply and to live within their means. Their faith in Santa may wane before they learn he is no more real than the tooth fairy if they make requests for things you cannot afford. Give Santa between 2 and 5 items to pick from as a general rule.

Just keep in mind that the elves are quite busy and can run out of some gifts. Having a variety of options gives parents options in case they can’t locate the one primary item.

Did you know you could send letters all the way to the North Pole? Each Post Office Branch has a unique procedure for handling letters addressed to Santa, since they are accustomed to receiving them.

The letter will appear much more real to the child if it is mailed. Santa also accepts emails from modern-day children who submit their wish lists online. Here is an example letter that will assist your child in expressing their wish.

Sample Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I wanted to let you know that this year, I have been a really excellent young girl. I’ve been good to my brother and done whatever my parents requested of me in terms of duties. I hope you noticed that I also received good grades on my report card.

I don’t want much for Christmas this year, except the American Girl doll with the name Saige Saige is an Indian doll who like horses and resides in New Mexico.

Because I adore them so much, I would also like to play with some of the Briar horses. I also enjoy Sophia the First and Barbie dolls. I’d appreciate whatever you could bring me. I can’t wait for you to arrive.

I will definitely make those chocolate chip cookies again this year since you ate all of the ones I set out for you last year. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive for an entire year, Santa. To avoid getting your suit soiled when you come down, I made sure my chimney was clean.