How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume (with Sample)

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The medical field is one that most people want a foot in the door. Not only does it provide great job opportunities, but the pay is on the higher end of the scale. When sending a medical assistant resume, you want to make sure that you catch the attention of the hiring manager. 

You can do this by highlighting your education and your relevant work experience. When you write the resume, try to stick to a standard format, nothing fancy. 

resume style

Your resume style can actually say a great deal about you. You want the resume to be neat, organized, professional looking and you want your those great office qualifies to be reflected in your writing.

The resume needs to be specifically highlighting other jobs that you have possessed in the medical assistant field. Most employers want people with experience, so they don’t have to waste time and money training them. You need to specify your skills range, don’t be vague. 

For instance, instead of stating that you have experience with assisting with patients, write something like “I have experience with taking vital signs.” 

If you have worked beside a doctor and have helped with patient examination and have done some basic lab tests, all this is valuable information to hiring personnel.

list any clerical experience

The great thing about a medical assistant is they do some medical things and also some clerical duties. Be sure to list any clerical experience you might have. Even if it was light clerical duties, like filing, it can make a big impression for someone who needs someone to file.

Filing in a medical community is not like filing in a traditional office, attention to detail is extremely important. While this may be the secondary requirement for this position, most hospitals and medical communities wants someone versed in office and clerical procedures.

do you have a specialization?

Do you have a specialization? Have you been specifically trained to handle a certain aspect of the medical office? 

For instance, the employer may be looking for someone with specific medical training. If you can take vital signs, do a urine test and type 99 wpm, you may be what they are looking for.

Don’t be afraid to be specific with your job duties. If you have held a position that required you to have specialized skills, be sure to include that clearly on the resume. Specific training always looks better than a general assistant.

Because being in a medical setting will require you to work with various types of people, you need to put your willingness to work with a diverse crowd on the resume. 

Being a team player is essential and you will be expected to get along well with patients and co-workers. Are you used to working in a hectic environment, or do you get frazzled with stress? 

Medical environments are often stressful and employers want to know that their employees can handle it. These positions often have high burn out rates due to stress. 

There will be long hours and some circumstances that may be stressful in nature. You need to put somewhere in that resume that you are up for that type of job. This can often be done in the career objective.

Focus On Medical Job Experience

Keep the focus on medical oriented jobs and items. If you have various other jobs, try to keep them off this resume. You want the employers to be confident in your medical abilities and you can show your experience by highlighting medical items.

If you have any certifications or degrees, be sure to include those as well. Education is always important to a prospective employer. List any certificates of completion and any degrees you have finished or are working on.

The biggest thing to employers is for an employee to say what they are looking for. What kind of environment do you work best in, is it a doctor’s office or a hospital? 

Some prefer a smaller and more intimate setting, while others want the large hospital with amazing benefits. To get the perfect job, be specific and make sure your needs aligns with the needs of the facility.

Sample Medical Assistant Resume

Jennifer Smith
29 Stewart Rd.
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Career Objective:

To obtain a full time position in the medical community where my skills as an assistant and schooling can be utilized. I want to work with a diverse crowd and feel a sense of satisfaction helping others.


Ohio State University- Graduated in 2010 with a 3.7 gpa. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Terminology and Assisting.

Cooperative Business Education- Received a certificate of completion for my administration class in high school. I was educated on proper office skills and professional conduct in an office setting.

Groveport Madison High School- Graduated in 2006 on the honor roll. I took college prep courses to prepare for my medical career journey.


Typing 105 wpm.
Medical Filing
Answering Multi Line Phone System
Taking Vital Signs
Conducting Urine Analysis
Conduction Strep Tests
Helping Patients Prepare For Testing


Dr. Blissenbaugh Family Center:

I was employed at this family health center from 2010 to 2013. I helped check patients in and get them in their rooms. I took vital signs and made sure the patients were comfortable until the doctor came in.

I helped by doing urine analysis and also doing step tests for the doctor. This was a fast paced office where it was no uncommon for the doctor to have 20 patients per day. Unfortunately, he sold the practice and they brought their staff when they took over.

Family Health Center:

This dentist’s office was very busy and challenging. There is a great deal of fear when people come to the dental office and my job was to calm them down.

While I would do a basic cleaning on their mouths and do a quick assessment, my main objective was to talk to the customer and have them in a good state of mind for when the doctor arrived. I enjoyed this position but I was only there while obtaining my college education. I was employed from 2007-2009.


Available Upon Request