Writing a Request Letter for Overtime Pay [with Sample]

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If you have been working extra hours at work and have not been given overtime pay, you can write an overtime pay request letter asking to be paid for your overtime work.  

A request letter for overtime pay should follow a professional business letter format.

The general format is:

  • Proper headings and addresses
  • A correct salutation
  • An introductory paragraph
  • The body of the letter
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Contact information
  • A proper closing

Proper Heading And Address

On the left side of the page, you should first put your name, position and address. After this, you should put the date. The receiver’s name, position and address go after the date.

If you prefer, you can add a subject line by putting RE: and the purpose of your letter. For example, RE: Request Letter for Overtime Pay.

A Correct Salutation

The salutation should be respectful. If you know the receiver’s name, you can use Dear Name. 

If you commonly use their first name at work, you can say Dear First Name. Otherwise, the salutation should be more formal. You can use Dear Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr. Name.

If you do not know the receiver’s name, your salutation should be To Whom It May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam.

An Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph can be short. It will include your name, your position in the company and the purpose of the letter.

The Body Of The Letter

The body of the letter need be only two or three sentences describing in more detail the work you did and how you have earned overtime pay that has not as yet been forthcoming.

This is the place you can add any issues you may have faced such as remaining at work until well after dark or missing out on a special family occasion you would have normally attended. However, if you mention personal hardships it shouldn’t sound like you are complaining.

You should keep the tone of the letter professional and not complain about extra work. Also, it will not be productive to blame anyone for withholding the overtime pay as it may not be anyone’s fault.

If you appear to be a disgruntled employee, you may get your overtime pay but be out of a job. 

Remember, you are simply asking for what you earned and you should show good faith that the management will pay you.

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Concluding Paragraph

In the concluding paragraph, you may mention any time constraints you face. For example, if you need the money to pay a mortgage payment or car loan payment. 

This is also the place to express gratitude for them taking the time to consider and deal with your request.

Even if the recipient knows you well, you should include your contact information in the letter, so it is readily available to the receiver if he or she sends your letter on to the HR department.

A Proper Closing

Using a proper closing is an important part of a formal letter. Some options for a good closing are Sincerely, Respectfully and Best regards. 

If you are sending a hard copy, leave four lines after your closing where you can type your full name and sign the letter.

Review The Next Day

The first draft of a request letter may have a slightly negative tone, especially if you are requesting something that you earned, but is not forthcoming. 

If you reread your letter the next day, you may have cooled down enough to see if it has an overtone of a complaint.

This won’t help you and could hurt you. The letter needs to state the facts only, without whining. Make sure you keep a copy of the letter. It can be hand delivered or sent by registered mail.

Here is a sample letter for requesting overtime pay you have earned but not received.

Sample Request Letter For Overtime Pay

Your Name
Name of Company
Position of Sender in the Company
Address of Sender
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Boss
Name of Company
Position of Receiver in the Company
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Requesting accrued overtime pay

Dear [Name of Boss]:

My name is [Your Name] and I work in the contract department. I was requested to complete a contract for a major electronic exhibition at Conference Center on DATE.

As time was short, I needed to work overtime for three days to complete the contract so it could be signed at least one month before the date of the exhibition.

This is a formal request for payment for my extra working hours from DATE to DATE. 

Each of these days I worked three hours overtime to complete a project that you requested to have finished immediately.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I can be reached at name@email.com or PHONE NUMBER.


Your Signature
Printed Name

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