How to Write a Good Retirement Announcement

Retirement is a big milestone in a person’s life, and it should be celebrated as such, starting with a formal retirement announcement. 

When writing one of these it is important to include a few key points, such as the person’s job, their work history, and their contributions to the company or organization.

You should start the letter by talking about the person from a professional aspect. Make it clear what exactly it is that you are announcing so there is no confusion. Also include in this section the job title the person held. 

The next section should talk about the person’s job history according to what is relevant with the company. 

Use this space to talk about what role the person started out as and any promotions or additional experience s/he received since they started working there. 

Stress How Important Their Role Has Been

In addition, make sure you note how many years the person has been with the company and stress how important their role has been. 

Moving forward, you should go into further detail about the specific contributions that the person made to the company. Make it known how much their contributions have been appreciated over the years. 

Also, be sure to include details of any retirement parties and contact information as long as the person knows that you are passing it along. 

You want to end your retirement announcement with some sort of positive thought for the person in their future. Make them feel valued as an employee and colleague, and wish them luck in the next stage of their lives. 

Sample Retirement Announcement


Subject: Retirement Announcement for Chris James

This email comes with mixed feelings as we announce the retirement of one of our employees. Chris James has been our Senior Sales Manager for twenty seven years, and he has decided that the time has come to retire. 

Chris began his journey with us twenty seven years ago as a simple cashier at the front of the store. He slowly, but surely worked his way up to sales manager.

Eventually Chris was promoted to Senior Sales Manager, where he was worked for the last twenty years. Chris started out a shy and timid employee, and has grown into a well-loved and appreciated member of our sales team. 

Chris has helped the sales department exceed in several areas. Additionally, he has helped train several staff members, passing his vast knowledge onto other employees. 

There will be a retirement party held for Chris next weekend, and separate emails will be sent out to everyone. You may RSVP in the front office if you would like to attend. 

Chris James has contributed twenty seven years of experience to this company, and his achievements will not be forgotten. Please join me in wishing him the best in the next steps of his journey.


Joy Reed

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