Writing a School Transfer Request Letter [Free Sample]

Free Sample School Transfer Request Letter to Use as a Template

A school transfer request letter is basically a notice that notifies your current school about your intentions to relocate to a different school. At some point, nearly 30 percent of all students end up transferring from one school to another

However, too many students transfer for unwarranted reasons and discover they’re not much better off after they move. But, some situations do justify changing schools, some of which include the following.

1. Financial Reasons

Sadly, some students just can’t afford to remain at their current university or college. If money is starting to become a real obstacle for you, contact a financial aid officer about your concerns before making any big decisions.

The long-term benefits of getting a valuable bachelor’s degree just might be more important than any short-term inconveniences in terms of money.

Also, understand that transferring to a less expensive college might not save you as much money as you think.

2. Family Responsibilities

At times, family obligations take precedence over school. Therefore, you may have a solid reason for wanting to move closer to your hometown, such as caring for a sick or hurt family member. In this case, transferring to a different college makes complete sense.

On the other hand, sometimes taking a leave of absence at your current college is a better solution. Talk to your school’s dean. Also, don’t make the mistake of confusing a strong bout of homesickness with a real family emergency.

3. Upgrading Academically

Maybe your current school isn’t challenging you enough. Perhaps you’ve earned high enough grades to gain admission into a better, higher quality school. If so, then a transfer may be an excellent idea.

A more prominent school can offer you better career and educational opportunities overall. However, there’s also something to be said for being the class ‘star’ at a lower-ranked college as well.

Also, discovering that you want to specialize in a different major during your first couple of years at college may require you to transfer. 

For instance, if you discover that you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a marine biologist, it’s likely you’ll want to enroll in a college closer to the ocean.

4. Social Circumstances

Sometimes the overall culture at a particular college isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe you really do want to study hard, reach all your goals academically, and not party 24/7 like many others do.

On the other hand, you may be going to a school that’s very serious and you’d prefer a more active social life. 

In either case, a transfer is probably best. After all, there’s more to school than just books and lessons. But, don’t get ahead of yourself. Be sure your preferred social group doesn’t already exist at your current college.

Tips On How To Write A School Transfer Request Letter

It’s very important to properly address your letter to your school’s Dean of Admissions by starting with a solid introduction and revealing your academic achievements as well as indicating your area of study.

Any personal information you add is entirely up to you, although your letter should be concise and straightforward.

• Introduction

Introduce yourself and then emphasize that you need a transfer. Include a brief account of your present academic circumstances.

• State Your Achievements

Provide a brief account of all your academic achievements. Include any awards or honors that you may have received in addition to your GPA (grade point average).

Offer any details of the activities you participate in, such as any athletic or academic clubs, or your involvement with any volunteering opportunities.

• List The Reasons Why You Want To Transfer

Give the reasons why you want or need to transfer, whether it’s due to a family emergency, changes in your major, or other reasons.

• Express Sincere Gratitude To The Recipient Of Your Letter

Be sure to express your utmost gratitude to the Dean of Admissions and include your current contact information as well.

School Transfer Request Letter Sample

Cassandra Lancaster
2355 Hill Top Road
Renner, Connecticut 91284

July 6, 2022

William Struthers
Dean of Admissions
Belmont University
782 East Road
Southland, Connecticut, 91253

RE: Transfer Certificate

Dear Mr. William Struthers:

With all due respect, I am writing you to inform you that I am unable to continue with my present courses at Belmont University.

Recently, I discovered my true passion for journalism instead of engineering, even though I’m currently maintaining a 3.96 GPA in engineering.

Unfortunately, I am just not that interested in the engineering field and what it has to offer.

Therefore, I believe it’s in my own best interest to pursue a field that I truly care about rather than only putting forth a half-hearted effort in something I find rather monotonous.

As a result, I am respectfully asking you to issue me a formal transfer certificate as soon as possible.

I already have admission to a premier journalism institute where I’ll need to readily submit my documents as well as the transfer certificate.

Thank you for all your help.


(sign your name here)
Cassandra Lancaster

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What information should be included in a school transfer request letter?

Answer: A school transfer request letter should include the following information:

  • The student’s name and grade level
  • The name and address of the current school
  • The name and address of the requested school
  • The reason for the transfer request
  • Any relevant supporting documentation, such as proof of relocation or medical documentation
  • Contact information for the parent/guardian

Q: Is there a specific format for a school transfer request letter?

Answer: While there is no specific format for a school transfer request letter, it should be written in a professional and polite tone. It should also be typed or neatly handwritten and addressed to the appropriate school administrator.

Q: How should a school transfer request letter be submitted?

Answer: A school transfer request letter should be submitted directly to the current school administration. The parent/guardian should follow the school’s procedures for submitting such requests, which may include submitting the letter to the principal, guidance counselor, or registrar.

Q: Can a school deny a transfer request?

Answer: Yes, a school can deny a transfer request. Schools typically have specific criteria for approving transfer requests, and if the request does not meet those criteria, it may be denied. 

Additionally, some schools may have limited capacity and may not be able to accommodate all transfer requests.

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