Writing a Teacher Request Letter [with Sample]

Schools often discourage parents from requesting a specific teacher for their child, but in certain cases the school administration will favorable respond to a teacher request letter.

There may be a better chance of success if the parent has already formed a good relationship with the child’s current teacher and listens to his or her advice.

make request with a formal letter

Making the request in writing using a formal business letter style allows the parent to make a strong case. The letter should first state the child’s name, grade and the name of the school. 

Next it should give the reason the parent is requesting a particular teacher and what advantages that teacher will give the child.

The parent should name the teacher they are requesting as well as a possible second choice. They can thank the principal and ask for his or her opinion about what’s best for their child.

Some points parents need to consider before they write a teacher request letter are:

What is the teacher request policy at their school? Even schools within the same district can have different teacher request policies. 

The request letter will have a better chance of success if it is written in line with the school’s policies.

Why does the parent want to request a certain teacher? The reason should not be based on gossip or a popularity contest. There needs to be substantial, academic reasons for making a request.

Teachers work together

Criticism of the child’s current or possible future teacher will not help the situation. Teachers work together and will not appreciate negative comments about a team member. 

The letter should focus on the child’s difficulties and how he or she tried to overcome them. It should state that the parent would like to avoid some of those challenges in the next school year.

Parents should try their best to be objective about their child’s needs. If they are honest, there is a better chance they will be taken seriously. 

If they gloss over their child’s personality to portray it in glowing terms, the school may know better, and think that the parents don’t have a realistic grasp of the situation.

disabilities education act

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), there is no rule that the parents of these children can select their teachers. 

Parents have the right to be involved with the placement of their child, and after the school year begins, if the teacher is not implementing the child’s IEP, the parents have the right to request a meeting and discuss changing the teacher.

Here is a sample of a teacher request letter. If any copies of documents relating to the child’s schooling are included, they should be copies and not original documents. The parent should keep a copy of all communications with the school concerning this issue.

Sample Teacher Request Letter

Andrea Johnson
456 Mystic View Turn
Jacksonville, FL, 32003

May 24, 2021

Principal Jenkins
ABC School
39 Green Tree Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32003

Dear Principal Jenkins:

I am the mother of Celeste Johnson, who will attend ABC School in the second grade for the next academic year.

The experience he has in elementary school will most likely have a profound effect on his future academic life, and for this reason, I would like to request a specific teacher. I have understood that this school will consider teacher requests from parents.

Celeste has been happy and interested in school during his first two years, and I would like him to continue this experience.

His teachers have recognized his ability to learn better when his attention is engaged rather than by being asked to memorize material. Because of this, he is looking forward to the next school year.

I have discussed this issue with Celeste current teacher, Mrs. Brown, and she agrees that his academic future will be better served by a teacher who understands how to introduce subjects to capture his interest.

I would like to request that he be placed in Mrs. Wooden’s class or, if that is not possible then Mr. Gray’s class.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I would be happy to meet you or Mrs. Brown to discuss the matter further.

Please feel free to make suggestions or give advice about my concerns. I can be reached at 595-123-4567 or at andrea@email.com.


Andrea Johnson

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