Writing a Simple Request Letter for Sponsorship (with Sample)

There are several reasons for sending a sponsorship request letter. Requesting participation in a fundraising event is the most common reason, but it can also be sent by a business that wants a sponsor for an event or by a student requesting help from a wealthy person for college tuition. 

A formal letter gives the person requesting an opportunity to make a professional request and state all the details and requirements in writing to avoid misunderstandings. It’s also important to clearly state that the sponsorship will be beneficial for the sponsor as well as the company or institution requesting.

Corporate Event Sponsorship

It is recommended to find sponsors that have an invested interest in the event. For example, if the event is for elementary school teachers, the organizers may find sponsors among companies that sell school supplies or teaching aids.

If the letter is from a business executive, he or she may offer benefits to the sponsor such as:

• The name of the sponsor and logo on promotional material and on the event website
• The sponsor may be acknowledged by the introductory speaker
• A representative of the sponsor may be invited to participate in the ceremony
• If applicable, the sponsor can be given a free booth or place for advertisements

If the letter is addressed to a company that has previously sponsored an event for the person requesting, the letter should start with an expression of gratitude and appreciation for their past help. It should also mention why they are asking again for sponsorship and give the details of the event. 

The sponsor may also be offered several levels of participation. The more support they give, the more exposure they’ll get. For example, a mention of the sponsor from someone speaking on the dais would require more sponsorship than placement of the company’s logo on the brochure.

The amount and kind of exposure the sponsor will get should be clearly stated. It should mention:

• The number of attendees
• The names of VIPs
• The expected publicity
• Income tax advantages if for a charitable institution


A sponsorship request letter that is sent for fundraising purposes needs to mention the name of the specific charity and give some information about what the charity does and how the requested money will be used.

Personal Sponsors

A letter to an individual from a student who is requesting sponsorship for his or her education need not be very formal. However, it should still be polite and respectful and present the request very clearly.

Writing Tips

The letter should be addressed to the correct person in the company. His or her name should be spelled correctly. It should begin with an introduction of the sender. The letter should then mention the event and make a formal request for the company to be a sponsor. 

It should also mention the amount requested or give a list of sponsorship levels. The letter should be professional without misspellings, grammatical mistakes or typos. These will make the requesting company look careless.

Here is a sample sponsorship request letter. It should be written with a humble and thankful tone and not sound demanding. A sponsorship request letter for a corporate event should be written in business letter format on the letterhead of the requesting company. The sender should keep a copy of the letter.

Sample Sponsorship Request letter for  event

Company Letterhead

Mack Anderson
Event Planner
ABC Company
234 Sixth Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21067

May 19, 2019

Sonia Chew
Vice President
XYZ Company
9807 Hill Top Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21068

Dear Ms. Chew:

I am the event planner for ABC Company’s Annual awards ceremony. Every year we give a monetary award to high school seniors who have excelled in the field of environmental sustainability in all areas of life. This year we have selected three teenagers who have made significant contributions to the city and will give the awards on June 15, 2019 at VENUE.

I would like to formally request your company to be one of the event’s corporate sponsors for $20,000. Your company will receive recognition as a supporter of a greener city. 

We will include your company’s name and logo on the background banner for the award’s ceremony and will mention your support in the opening announcements. The local TV news will attend as will three local newspapers, all of which have an online presence where your company will be highlighted.

I sincerely hope you will agree to sponsor this event. I can be reached at (343) 123-4567 or at mack@email.com if you would like to arrange a time we can meet when I can give you the required forms and other details.

Thank you for your kind attention to my request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mack Anderson
Event Planner

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