Immediate Resignation Letter [Samples]

Learn how to write an immediate resignation letter. Use our sample immediate resignation letters as templates for your impressive resignation letter.

Immediate Resignation Letter for new job


[Name of Manager]
[Title of Manager]
[Name of Company]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Name of Manager]:

This is to inform you that I have accepted a position in another company. Therefore, I would like to offer my resignation effective tomorrow.

I appreciate the professional development and growth from [Name of Company], and in particular, from you. Your mentoring support has encouraged me, and I hope that we will continue our relationship as I move forward in my career.

I wish you, and [Name of Company] continued growth and success in the future.


Your signature
Your typed name

Immediate Resignation Letter for family reason


[Manager’s Name]
[Manager’s Title]
[Company Name]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Name of Manager]:

Please accept this letter of resignation from the position of [Job Title], effective tomorrow.

Most of you already know the reason I am leaving is due to my mother’s battle with stage 4 cancer.. I have enjoyed working at [Name of Company] and will miss my colleagues. 

If there is anything I can do even after I leave to further any projects, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I can be reached at [phone number] or [email address].


Signature of Sender 
Printed Name of Sender

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