Impressive Teacher Retirement Letter Sample


Writing a Teacher Retirement Letter? So, use this sample teacher retirement letter as a template for your successful teacher retirement letter.

Here is a sample teacher retirement letter. It is recommended to send it by certified mail, so the teacher is sure it was received. Copies can be made and sent to other administrators or board members if suitable. The teacher should keep a copy for his or her files. 

Sample Teacher Retirement Letter

Carmen Moon
345 12th Street 
Washington, DC, 20008

February 15, 2019

Jerry Myers
Philly Heights High School
545 20th Street 
Washington, DC, 20008

Dear Principal Myers:

After 25 years as an educator and years of tenure at this high school, it is time for retirement. Because of this personal plan of retirement, this correspondence is to give my resignation as math teacher at this high school. 

In the past three decades, I have instructed so many young people who have gone on to benefit our society in big ways. This truly makes me feel accomplished with my career choice and my performance as well. 

Every year, it seems that more past students come to see me. They explain how their lives were changed during college. Many of them give me a little credit for their hard work. This is why teaching is the most rewarding career in the world. 

I have spent so many years learning about places all over the globe and now with more years behind me than before me, it is time to travel. I hope you accept my resignation and know that I have truly enjoyed every moment in this institution.


Carmen Moon