Free Investment Proposal Letter [Samples]

For a small firm, here are some sample investment proposal letters. It should be delivered certified mail so that the sender can keep track of when it was sent and when it was received. All attachments should be duplicates. It is not necessary to send any original documents.

Sample 1 - Investment Proposal Letter

Dear [Investor’s Name],

I am writing to propose an investment opportunity in [Company Name], a [description of the business] company that I am currently leading. Our company has been operating for [number of years] and has seen steady growth in revenue and market share.

Our mission is to [briefly state the company’s mission or purpose] and we have a clear vision for the future. We have identified a significant market opportunity in [industry or market segment] and are seeking investment to help us capitalize on this opportunity.

The investment we are seeking is [amount of investment] and we are willing to offer [equity percentage or interest rate] in return for this investment. We have a detailed business plan that outlines our revenue projections, marketing strategy, and financial forecasts for the next [number of years] years.

We believe that our business model is unique and has significant potential for growth. Our team has a strong track record of success in [relevant experience of the management team] and we are committed to achieving our goals.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this investment opportunity with you in more detail. Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our company and the investment opportunity we are offering.

Thank you for considering our proposal.


[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Contact Information]

Sample 2 - Investment Proposal Letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Investor’s Name
Investor’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Investor,

It has been brought to my attention that you are a strong investor in local businesses. I have been told of several businesses that got their start with your backing.

At present, I am running a baking business from my home, but the demand for my cakes has become much more than I expected, and I would like to expand my business.

I sell my homemade cakes to local restaurants. They are basically chocolate cakes that are vegan and gluten-free, but they are so tasty, everyone enjoys them.

Restaurants are happy to be able to offer this option, and I have been asked to supply a national chain of restaurants.

I have been told by several restaurant owners that many of their patrons return just for a piece of my cake. I have made several other pastries that have been appreciated too.

I believe I can create a smoothly run business that would give substantial financial benefit to us both if I had the funds to pay two full-time employees and buy some equipment. My business would require a mixing machine and bigger ovens.

I have enclosed a simple brochure that shows what I am doing now as well as a business plan for expanding.

I would like to meet you and give you more information about my venture as well as one of my cakes. I can be reached anytime at 555-123-4567 or at

Thank you for your time.


Your Name
List of enclosures such as a brochure or business plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an investment proposal letter?

Answer: An investment proposal letter is a document that is sent by a company or individual to potential investors to solicit investment in a business project or venture.

It outlines the details of the opportunity and provides information on the potential return on investment, risk involved, and the reasons why the investment is a good opportunity.

2. What should be included in an investment proposal letter?

Answer: An investment proposal letter should include:

  • Introduction: Provide a brief summary of the business and the purpose of the proposal.
  • Executive Summary: Outline the key details of the business and investment opportunity.
  • Business Description: Give a more in-depth overview of the business and its goals.
  • Market Analysis: Describe the target market, competitors, and market trends.
  • Financial Projections: Provide financial projections and estimated returns on investment.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify and explain any potential risks associated with the investment.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the key points of the proposal and invite the potential investor to take the next steps.

3. How to write an effective investment proposal letter?

Answer: To write an effective investment proposal letter:

  • Research the potential investor: Understand their investment goals and preferences.
  • Make it professional: Use a clear and concise writing style, and make sure the document is well-organized and easy to read.
  • Highlight key information: Emphasize the key information that makes the investment opportunity attractive to the potential investor.
  • Provide supporting documentation: Include financial projections, market analysis, and other relevant information to support the proposal.
  • Personalize the proposal: Address the potential investor by name and tailor the proposal to their specific interests and goals.

4. What is the purpose of an investment proposal letter?

Answer: The purpose of an investment proposal letter is to solicit investment in a business project or venture. It is used to present the details of the opportunity, highlight the potential return on investment, and explain why the investment is a good opportunity.

The goal is to convince potential investors to consider making an investment and to provide the information they need to make an informed decision.

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