Letter Asking for Donations for School [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a letter asking for donations for school. Use our sample asking for donations for school as a template for your request letter.

Letter Asking For Donations For School

Name of Teacher
Name of School
Address of School
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Individual or Organization
Address of Individual or Organization
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Individual:

It is a well-known fact that experience is a better way to learn than reading. While most learning requires reading, my senior English class has a plan to experience a play by Shakespeare after having studied it for a month. 

The Local Theater presents The Tempest during the winter holidays, and our class would like to attend. 

Tickets cost $40 each, which is out of the range most of our families can pay for one night’s entertainment.

We believe this experience is much more than entertainment and would like to request help from you to make it possible for the whole class to attend together.

The play is presented during the last week in December and the first week in January. We are also planning to stop for ice cream after the play to discuss our experience while it’s still fresh.

There are 30 students and two teachers. The teachers and five students will pay their own way, but we need about $1250 for the rest of the class. The school is providing the transportation.

If you could donate $100, it would be a great help. You may send a personal check to the school address above.

Kindly note on the check that it is for the school trip. If you have any questions, I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address.

Thank you in advance for helping further the education of these bright and enthusiastic students.


Signature of Teacher
Printed Name of Teacher

P.S. If we can all go together, this will be a great night for us.

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