Free Letter Explaining Bad Credit [Sample]

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Learn how to write a letter explaining bad credit. Use our sample letter explaining bad credit as a template for your letter explaining bad credit.

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Letter Explaining Bad Credit Sample

Jennifer Long
7806 Silver Bell Way
Baltimore, MD 43195

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May 20, 2021

AB Lending Company
829 Gold Drive
Largo, MD 43083
Attn: James Green

Dear Mr. Green,

This letter is written in response to the request for verification of the period bad credit by your lending institution. The loan in question is for a home on Mystic View Turn in Columbia. My family is quite large, we have children, and we have been renting.

Our current accommodations are too small and my children long for a yard to play in. This house we are wanting to purchase would be the perfect starter home for us. 

I understand there is some question about previous credit problems. I am sure we can address those issues and put the lender’s mind at ease.

In 2017, my husband was stricken with some serious illness. He began to have seizures and at times didn’t know who he was. He was in the hospital more than he was out. For two years, I had to carry the financial burden of the family. 

He was life lighted two times and it is a miracle that he is with us today. He has made a full recovery and is doing well. 

This temporary setback was the cause of great financial turmoil in our lives. Thankfully, he has been back to work for 3 years and we have made a full financial recovery.

If your lending institution is kind enough to grant this loan, we will ensure that timely payments are made. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 545-896-5174.


Jennifer Long