Letter To Lawyer Asking For Help [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a letter to lawyer asking for help. Use our sample letter to lawyer asking for help as a template for your request letter.

Sample Letter To Lawyer Asking For Help

(Name of Sender) example: Terry Jones
(Address of Sender) 123 Avenue A
Newark, NJ 20009
(e-mail address) if desired, not required
(phone number) if desired, not required

(date) September 10, 2021

(Lawyer’s Name)
(Lawyer’s Address)
(Case Number or Client’s Name)

Dear (name of lawyer),

(Subject) I have attempted to reach you by phone on (dates of phone calls) to find out about (the standing of my case). It has been (how long?) since we have communicated. 

I understood that you would contact me by (date) and that was (length of time) and I have not heard from you.

(Why the information is needed) This is important because (why it is important?). I would appreciate you contacting me at (address, phone number, email address) regarding my case.

(Thank you for your assistance in this matter.)


(signed name here)
(Typed Name of sender)

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