Apartment Noise Complaint Letter to Landlord [Free Samples]

Learn how to write a letter to the landlord informing him or her of a noise complaint. Use our sample noise complaint letters as a starting point for your own.

sample 1 – Apartment noise complaint Letter To Landlord

May  13, 2022

Charles Klipspringer
92145 S. High Street, Apartment B
Columbus, Ohio 43256

Dear Mr. Bolt,

I have notified you two times about my neighbors living in apartment C. From the first day we lived here, they have been holding late and loud parties, which are very disruptive to me and our other neighbors.

The first time I contacted you was on [DATE], right after we moved in. You stated you would take care of it. I contacted you again on [DATE] when hearing a lot of yelling and arguing from the same apartment.

If this situation is not rectified immediately, I intend to find another place to live. I would like to resolve this matter in a civil manner, but I fully intend on taking this to the next level to protect our family.

Please contact me at once to discuss a resolution. I can be reached at 555-491-7458.


Tammy Strange

Sample 2 – apartment Noise Complaint Letter To Landlord


Craig Thomas
92145 S. Green Street, Apartment A
Washington, DC 20009

Dear Mr. Cousin,

I’m writing to let you know that the noise from apartment B is keeping me awake at night. Almost every night, he has been playing his music excessively loudly. I’ve told him about the loud music several times, but he continues to listen to it at a very high volume.

If this issue does not improve quickly, I intend to look for a new location to live. I’d like to settle this in a reasonable manner, but I’m prepared to take this to the next level.

Please contact me at once to discuss a resolution. I can be reached at 555-991-7448.


Tina Redd

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