Objection to Tax Assessment [Free Sample]

Here is a sample letter of objection to tax assessment.

Sample Letter Of Objection To Tax Assessment

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To the Board of Review or Tax Board or Tribunal:

I am sending this letter as notice that I object to my property tax assessment. The details as to why my home is over assessed are given below.

1. There are three main discrepancies between the property record that was filed and what is actually in my home.

  • I have a two car garage, not a three car garage as indicated. Tax value – $2,000
  • I have 1,000 square feet of living space not 1,800 square feet as indicated – Tax value $7,000
  • I do not have a wooden deck. Tax value – $1,500

Kindly deduct $10,500 from my assessment.

2. There is structural damage to my home that reduces its resale value.

  • An exterior wall and the corresponding foundation are severely cracked, which is not mentioned in the assessment. Tax value – $5,000
  • The roof leaks in the kitchen. Tax value – $3,000

Kindly deduct $8,000 from my assessment.

3. In comparison to two homes that have recently sold on my street, I am requesting a reevaluation of the value of my home. Both of these houses have similar square feet, age and upgrades.

  • The house at ADDRESS sold for $250,000
  • The house at ADDRESS sold for $225,000

Kindly change the assessment of my home to $250,000.

The information given in this letter clearly shows that my property taxes have been incorrectly assessed. The assessment shows improvements and upgrades that do not exist in my home. Also, the value of my home should not be more than $250,000. I am requesting that my tax assessment be adjusted according to the provided information.

I would be happy to meet you informally to discuss the situation or will submit a formal request. I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or at name@email.com.


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