Payment Request Letter Samples

Here are sample payment request letters. It should be written in formal business-letter style and be sent by certified mail, so the sender has legal confirmation that it was received by the proper person. If the sender has business letterhead, it should be used.

Sample 1 – Payment Request Letter

Bradley French
ABC Business
1234 Colby Street
Philadelphia, PA, 90008

April 14, 2019

Sarah Whitaker
324 Captain Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ, 20008

Re: Payment Request Letter

Dear Ms. Whitaker,

This letter is to formally notify you that the payment owed by you on invoice number 332245 is two weeks overdue. The amount of 432.11 was due on April 1, 2019. I have enclosed a stamped and addressed envelope for you to send the amount by check along with your account number when you receive this letter. 

The invoice can also be paid by credit card or PayPal. Enclosed is a copy of the invoice that was sent to you with the date and amount due highlighted.

One month after the due date, a late fee will be applied to your bill and a new invoice will be sent. If you have already paid this invoice, please disregard this letter. Otherwise, please send the payment immediately.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Bradley French
ABC Business
List of enclosures (copy of invoice, envelope)

Sample 2 – Payment Request Letter

Jenny Jones
Jones Catering Services
2100 West Boulevard
Newport, Maryland 73647

April 13, 2019

RE: Payment Request Letter

Dear Mary Couples,

This is a payment reminder letter to formally inform you that your payment of $467.44 is now past due. The full payment of $467.44 was due on April 1, 2019 for account number 744839333. 

Please submit the amount due including your account number by return mail. I have enclosed a copy of your invoice that was submitted to you as well as the total due highlighted. Also, I have enclosed an addressed, stamped envelope for your convenience.

Kindly disregard this reminder letter if you’ve already submitted your payment by credit card or mail. If you’ve not yet made your payment, however, please do so without delay.

Thank you for your quick response to this matter. You are a valued customer and we appreciate your business.


(sign your name here)

Jenny Jones
Jones Catering Services
(list of enclosures)

Sample 3 – Payment Request Letter

Gregory Hines
XYZ Business
453 California Way
Oakland, CA, 94109

April 12, 2019

Robert Bloom
901 Union Street
Reston, VA, 20008

Re: Payment Request Letter

Dear Mr. Bloom,

This letter is being sent as a reminder that we have not yet received payment for Invoice #12245. According to the terms of the contract/purchase, full payment should have been sent within 30/90 days of the purchase date.

Please remit full payment immediately in order to keep your account with us in good standing and to avoid interest, fees or further action.

We at XYZ Business value the professional relationship we are building with you and hope we can do business again in the future.

If payment has already been sent or other arrangements have been made, please disregard this letter. Otherwise, please mail payment or contact us to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for your prompt attention,


Gregory Hines
List of enclosures (copy of invoice, envelope)

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