Power of Attorney Letter [Free Sample]

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Learn how to write a power of attorney letter. Use our sample power of attorney letter as a template for your power of attorney letter.

Power Of Attorney Letter Sample

Power of Attorney

I, [Name of Principal], who currently resides at [Address of Principal] am of sound mind, do hereby name [Name of Agent] who currently resides at [Address of Agent] as my lawful and true attorney in fact, to act in my name and place to do and perform the following the following on my behalf.

Powers Are Listed Here
[The power to write checks on bank account, buy and sell property or stocks and whatever the principal chooses.]

The following property, interests or rights shall be subject to this Power of Attorney:

What the Agent Can Do Is Listed Here
[The assets that are subject to the agent’s authority such as property, bank accounts or stocks]

This Power of Attorney becomes effective on [DATE].

This Power of Attorney will be in effect in the event that I should be declared incompetent, become disabled or incapacitated.

This legal Power of Attorney will terminate on [DATE] unless I have canceled it, which I may do at any time and in any manner.

The agent will be compensated for services listed in Power of Attorney as follows:

(If the Agent is to be paid for their services, it should be stated here)

This Power of Attorney is in accordance with the laws of the State of [STATE].

In front of witnesses, I have signed this power of attorney document.

[Principal’s Signature]

Accepted and Agreed to by
[Agent’s Signature]

Subscribed and sworn to before me on [DATE]
[Notary Public’s Signature]