Promissory Note for Rent Payment [Sample]

Learn how to write a promissory note for rent payment. Use our sample promissory note for rent payment as a template for your promissory note letter.

Promissory Note For Rent Payment Sample

Eric Flood
124 Hemmings Way
Jacksonville, FL, 00100

February 18, 2020

Anthony Brown
123 Cool Street
Jacksonville, FL, 00100

RE: Promissory Note to Pay Back Rent

Dear Mr. Brown:

This is formal notice that I will pay the back rent of $850, Eight Hundred Fifty Dollars that I own you on 02/18/2020. I will pay the full amount at that time.

I was unable to make my rental payments because I lost my job three months ago. I have another job and this letter is my assurance to you that I will pay my rent in full.

Thank you for your patience and consideration of my situation. If you agree, kindly sign and return a copy of this letter to me. 


Eric Flood

Place for Signature

Anthony Brown 

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