Proven Email To Employee For Not Reporting To Work Templates

Below are three different templates for sending an email to an employee who has not reported to work. Each template addresses a different scenario and tone, ranging from initial inquiry to a more formal warning.

Template 1: Initial Inquiry

Subject: Checking In – We Missed You at Work Today

Hi [Employee’s Name],

I noticed that you were not in today, and I hope everything is okay. We didn’t receive a prior notice from you regarding any leave, so I wanted to check in and make sure that everything is alright.

If there are any updates you’d like to share about your situation or if you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out. Your presence is valued here, and we want to ensure everything is fine on your end.

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Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

Template 2: Reminder of Policy and Request for Explanation

Subject: Absence from Work – Action Required

Dear [Employee’s Name],

We noticed your absence from work on [Date] without a prior notification. As per our company policy, employees are expected to inform their supervisor about any absences ahead of time.

Please provide us with an explanation for your absence at your earliest convenience. Understanding your situation will help us to support you better and maintain the necessary arrangements in our team.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt response.


[Your Name]
[Your Position]

Template 3: Formal Warning for Repeated Absences

Subject: Formal Notice Regarding Unreported Absences

Dear [Employee’s Name],

This email serves as a formal notice concerning your repeated absences from work without notification, including your most recent absence on [Date]. We have not received any communication from you regarding these absences, which is concerning and violates our company attendance policy.

Please be reminded that continued failure to comply with our attendance policies may lead to further disciplinary actions, up to and including termination. We value your contributions to our team and would prefer to resolve this matter cooperatively.

We require you to respond to this email with an explanation for your absences and to discuss your commitment to your role within our team. Please contact me directly by [Date] to schedule a meeting.


[Your Name]
[Your Position]

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