Free Sample Racial Harassment Complaint Letter: Protect Your Rights

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If you believe you are being harassed at work, you should speak up and demand an end to the insulting and aggressive behavior. 

Instead of fighting a harasser on your own, you should write a racial harassment complaint letter for a more productive result. 

Use our sample complaint letter for racial workplace harassment as a guide if you don’t know how to write this type of letter.

racial harassment complaint letter sample

Your Name
Phone Number

Name of Recipient
Designation of Recipient
Name of Organization
Address of Organization


Dear [Name of Recipient]:

I’m writing to inform you about a coworker, [Name of Harasser], who has been hurling racist slurs and obscene comments at me for the past month. 

I work for the company as a [POSITION] and have worked there for two years, receiving good performance reviews each year.

When I was originally transferred to this department on [DATE], he harassed me and said he didn’t enjoy having a nigger in his department. Since then, it’s happened virtually every day.

On [DATE] he said I look like dark chocolate, did I taste as good.

On [DATE] he sent me an email that said I should be working in the jungle.

On [DATE] he sent a voicemail that said niggers didn’t belong in this company.

After the second incidence, I informed my immediate supervisor of the matter, but [Name of Harasser] has not stopped. 

I have recordings of two voicemails and one email from [Name of Harasser], though the most of the slurs have been verbal. 

I also have two witnesses, [Name of Witness one] and [Name of Witness two], who have both witnessed the verbal abuse.

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that I’m experiencing great mental pain and embarrassment at work, which continues at home in the form of anxiety and stress about returning to work the next day. 

The harassment is impacting my family’s relationship as well as my work performance because I know I could concentrate better if I wasn’t worried about the next comment.

I respectfully request that you take up the subject and take whatever action is necessary.


Your Name