Rent Reduction Request Letter [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a rent reduction request letter. Use our sample rent reduction request letter for your request letter.

Sample Rent Reduction Request Letter

Anthony Bloomberg
324 Cherry Lane
Columbia, NJ, 08045

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May 24, 2022

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Gary Smith
426 Spring Road
Camden, NJ, 08030

RE: Request for reduction of rent

Dear Mr. Smith:

My wife and I have lived at the above address for the past three years, and enjoy the quiet neighborhood and central location.

However, I have noticed there are several apartments in the locality that are renting for $200 – $400 less that the amount we pay for the same or better facilities. At least five of these apartments are empty.

Since my wife’s illness, we have not had two incomes and are finding it difficult to live on my income alone. We thought it might be better to move to an apartment nearby that requires several hundred dollars less rent per month.

Before making this decision, we wanted to give you the opportunity to consider lowering our rent, so we can stay in this attractive location.

If you would lower our rent by $300/month, we would be willing to renew the lease. We would also be willing to sign a two-year lease.

We have always paid the rent on time and have maintained the apartment in good repair. I hope to hear from you within the next two weeks, or we will need to make plans to move. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Anthony Bloomberg