Reprimand Letter for Tardiness [Free Sample]

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Learn how to write a reprimand letter for tardiness. Use our sample reprimand letter for tardiness as a template for your reprimand letter.

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Sample Reprimand Letter For Tardiness

[Name of Employer]
[Name of Company or Business] 
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[Name of Employee]
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RE: Formal Reprimand Letter

Dear [Name of Employee]:

This letter is to serve as an official written reprimand for an incident that happened on [DATE]. 

On this said date, you were one hour late to work and violated company policy. You had no written reason for being late and advised your supervisor that you overslept.

This is to serve as a written warning, as you have already been giving a verbal warning in the past two weeks. We expect all employees to come to work on time and to be ready to work.

We value attendance and consider it to be a significant factor in your position. Our goal is to service our customers with quick and effective service, and your attendance problems are not acceptable. 

Because we are an installation company, we had to rearrange our route for the day to accommodate your tardiness.

Because of your late arrival to work, we had to have someone else step in and cover routes to make up for the missed service call. 

We tried to call you several times to no avail, and we were not even sure you were going to show up for the day.

Our employees must be dependable, as our customers depend on their prompt arrival to their schedule appointments. 

This is a disservice to our customers and to the employees who are covering for you. The employee that covered for you on both occasions is now into overtime hours.

This is not the first time that we have had this issue with you being tardy. Absenteeism was a problem in the recent past and it seems that the verbal counseling has not been effective.

Consequently, this will be the only further notice you will receive regarding this matter. Proper attendance and being on time is necessary for the overall functioning of our company.

Please sign and date below, as a copy will be placed in your personnel file.

[Signature of Employer]
[Printed Name of Employer]
[Name of Company or Business]

[Signature Of Employee]
[Printed Name Of Employee]

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