Free Request Letter for Guest Speaker [Sample]

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Learn how to write a request letter for a guest speaker. For your request letter, use our sample request letter for guest speaker as a guide.

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Sample Request Letter For Guest Speaker


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Near (Invitee Name),

I am writing to you on behalf of Sterling High School’s student council. On (Date), we plan to celebrate our school’s Annual Day and wish to invite you to join us in the festivities and to also ask you to give a 30-minute speech regarding today’s top eco-friendly initiatives.

Many members of our school’s staff as well as myself have seen you being interviewed several times on TV and have enjoyed reading your published books and articles.

We are very interested in meeting you in order to learn more on how both governments and individuals are becoming more environmentally-conscious overall.

Each year, our school’s Annual Day offers a general theme that involves the school’s many diverse activities. This year’s theme, however, is all about how people can effectively reduce pollution throughout the environment.

We have also invited four other local individuals who are successfully running a recycling center in the city that is making an overall positive impact on our city’s waste management.

Our city’s mayor, (Mayor’s Name), is scheduled to address our closing ceremony and our school’s principal, (Principal’s Name), intends to inaugurate our Annual Day.

Therefore, it would be a great honor and privilege if you would graciously participate in our event. Not only will we gladly pay any fee that you demand, but will also cover the expense for all your meals as well as your travel and accommodation expenses.

We are anticipating your reply and look forward to spending the day with you and listening to your knowledgeable speech. Please reply by (Date) if you can.

Enclosed is a self-addressed envelope to make it very simple for you to reply. I can easily be reached at (234) 567-3333 or at at anytime.


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