Free Request Letter for New Computer [Sample]

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Learn how to request a new computer in a letter. As a starting point, look over our sample letter requesting a new computer.

Request Letter For New Computer Sample

TO: Full Name of Receiver
Name of Business
Job Description of the Receiver such as purchasing manager or owner
Business Address

FROM: Your full name
Name of Business
Your job description
Address unless it is the same as the company address above

Dear Full Name of Receiver:

This letter is to request a new computer for my work in the office as the one I am using now is outdated. There are many new functions available today that I am not able to use.

Also, the time it takes to access websites and documents is so long that It makes my job much more difficult and wastes time.

I believe I could produce letters and bulletins much faster and with better formatting if I had the latest technology. I think the documents would look more professional and send a better image of the company.

A new computer with new useful applications will make my work easier and quicker, and the results will be much better.

For example, video conferencing with my current computer is almost impossible. It’s slow and often the sound is unclear.

Kindly, approve and arrange for the purchase of a new computer as soon as possible, so I can start being more productive.

I think NAME OF COMPUTER COMPANY, Model #98765, Windows 10 with an Intel 5 CPU, 10 GB RAM, 2 TB, HD Video Capture would give me what I need.

Additionally, I believe it’s time to upgrade the printer due to its slow printing speed and low printing quality.

I think NAME OF PRINTER COMPANY, Model #45634 will work perfectly. Your prompt action in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Full Name
Your Signature
Your phone number and email address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specifications for the new computer?

Answer: The specifications will depend on the specific needs of the office and the tasks that the computer will be performing. Some common specifications include CPU, RAM, storage, graphics card, and operating system.

2. Can we choose a custom configuration?

Answer: Yes, most companies offer the option to custom configure a computer based on specific needs and requirements.

3. What operating system do you recommend?

Answer: The operating system recommended will depend on the specific needs and software requirements of the office. Popular options include Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

4. Can we upgrade the computer later if needed?

Answer: Yes, most computers can be upgraded in the future to meet the changing needs of the office. Upgrades may include adding more RAM, storage, or a better graphics card.

5. How long does the warranty last?

Answer: The length of the warranty will depend on the manufacturer and the specific model of the computer. Most warranties last 1-3 years.

6. Will we receive support for the new computer?

Answer: Yes, most companies offer support for their computers, either through phone or email. The level of support provided will depend on the manufacturer and the specific model.

7. Can you provide a quote for the new computer?

Answer: Yes, a quote can be provided once the specifications and requirements have been determined.

8. How long will it take to receive the new computer after the order is placed?

Answer: The lead time for receiving the new computer will depend on the manufacturer and the specific model, but most orders take 1-2 weeks to fulfill.

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