Request Letter to Increase Credit Card Limit [Free Sample]

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Giving the creditor your rationale for requesting additional credit and highlighting your excellent payment history are the best ways to increase your credit limit. As a template for your letter, use our sample letter to increase your credit card limit.

Sample Request Letter To Increase Credit Limit

[Kathy Smith]
[29 Fox Holler Rd.]
[Jackson, Ohio 45640]


[ABC Credit Cards Inc.]
[90 Wilshire Way]
[Beverly Hills, CA 90210]

Re: [Visa 4456-0987-1234-0987]

Dear [Credit Department]:

[ABC Credit Cards] has been a long-time credit consumer of mine. I had a limited [$500] limit when I first started my account in [YEAR]. I’ve never asked for any raises and have never gone close to exceeding my credit limit.

We have purchased a home that will require extensive restoration. Due to the significant costs of these activities, I’m asking a credit line increase on my account. 

My account currently has a balance of [$231]. I’d want to see my salary increase to around [$2,000].

This money will be used to help me get a new heater installed in my house. The interest on my credit card is less expensive than the interest on the store’s financing. 

I intend to do business with you in the future because I’ve had such good luck with your credit card company in the past.

You can always count on me to pay my payments on time and maintain a reasonable credit limit. Could you possibly look into my account and grant my request? 

If you have any further questions, please call me at [614-288-0989]. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


[Kathy Smith]