Salary Increase Email to Boss Sample

Writing a Salary Increase Email to Your Boss? So, use this sample salary increase email to a boss as a template for your successful salary increase request email.

Salary Increase Email to Boss Sample

Subject: Request for Meeting

Dear Carrie,

I have been an employee of G.A.L. Corporation for 14 years. I have proudly served as the head accountant and made sure to meticulously watch the books. It has come to my attention that my salary is not sufficient for the amount of work that I am required to do. 

Other positions with my work load are paying an average of $56,000 a year, while I am brining home $35,000. I know that this company cannot pay me a salary of this amount, but I am requesting a 20 percent increase on my salary. This would be $7,000 a year for a total package of $42,000. 

In my tenure with the company, I have helped through vigorous IRS audits and have always passed any reviews with flying colors. I have trained more than 40 personnel for the accounting department, most of who have gone on to bigger and better things. 

I have remained dedicated to the firm, even when there was a complete split back in 2000 and entirely new administration took over. Dedication like this is not easy to find and therefore I feel my request is reasonable. 

In an effort to save money, I can absorb the position that the company has open for a part-time accounting clerk. I can take over paying the bills in addition to my normal job duties. By allowing me an increase of $7,000 per year and taking over an additional position, I feel that I could also be helping the company out. 

With this arrangement, you won’t have to find a new employee to train, and you will have my years of experience in another faucet of accounting. I have paid the bills for years in times past and can absorb this in my current job without issue. 

I look forward to speaking with you in person regarding this matter. 


Tamara Green

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