Sample Birthday Letter to a Close Friend

The following is a sample birthday letter for your close friend on their birthday and letting them know how much they mean to you in general.

Sample Birthday Letter To A Close Friend

June 1, 2020

Dear Jane,

Happy birthday friend! I want to wish you very warm congratulations on your special day and offer my best wishes for many, many more great birthdays to come in your future.

I hope this particular birthday is the best one ever for you. Knowing you, you probably have a list of exciting things planned to do this year in order to celebrate it with your wonderful family. Keep this in mind: while everybody grows old, not everyone grows up!

Sounds like me and you, right? Whenever I need to put a quick smile on my face, I just think about all the good times we’ve shared over the years. You look as young and beautiful as the first day I met you. Did you discover the ‘fountain of youth’?

Also, I want to thank you for being there for me this past year when I really needed help. But, that’s what friends are for, and you’re a good one. Please know that I will always be there for you too.

Here’s to wishing you a long, healthy, and prosperous life my friend!

Again, happy birthday.



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