Advance Salary Request Letter For Emergency [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a cash advance request letter for emergency. Use our sample cash advance request letter for emergency as a template for your request letter.

Advance salary request letter for emergency sample

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RE: Request for cash advance against my regularly deposited salary

Dear Name of Loan Officer:

I have had a savings and checking account in [Name of Credit Union] for the past eight years, and my salary has been regularly deposited in my account for the last five years. 

I have never had an overdraft, and there is always a good balance in my savings account. 

Based on my stable financial situation, I am applying for a cash advance for the amount of $10,000 to make repairs on my home. 

It is imperative that my roof be replaced within the next three weeks before winter starts. 

I have enclosed the estimate from the contractor for the repair job as well as photographs of the damage to my home from the leaks in my roof. 

I would like you to regularly deduct the loan payments so as to repay the loan in 12 months. 

I have also enclosed the completed forms required by the bank for this type of loan. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or [Email Address] if you have any questions. As my situation is urgent, your prompt approval of my request would be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


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