[Sample] Complaint Letter for Car Damage

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Learn how to write a complaint letter for car damage. Use our sample complaint letter for car damage as a template for your complaint letter.

Sample Complaint Letter For Car Damage

[Name of Claimant]
[Address of Claimant]
[City, State, Zip Code]


[Name of Insurance Adjuster]
[Name of Insurance Company]
[Address of Insurance Company]
[City, State, Zip Code]

RE: Complaint letter for car accident for claimant number [INSURANCE NUMBER]

Dear [Name of Agent]:

This letter accompanies my formal claim to cover the cost of repairing my car [MAKE, MODEL AND YEAR], after a car, [MAKE MODEL AND YEAR] ran into my parked car damaging the rear end.

My car was parked by the curb in front of my house at the above address, when [NAME OF DRIVER] failed to stop and crashed into the back of my car. 

I bought my new car last year and planned to keep it for at least [10 years]. I called the police and have included their accident report with my claim request forms.

I am hoping to get a financial settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but I need my car for work, so I had it repaired as soon as I could. In spite of this, I still missed five days of work.

I have included the bills for repair and request that you pay out the amount of [$5,000] for the repairs and loss of pay. 

When I receive compensation from the other insurance company, I will repay the amount. Please respond within [30 days] after receiving this letter. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or at [Email Address].


[Signature of Claimant]
[Printed name of Claimant]
List of Enclosures: [police report, repair bills]

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