[Sample] Complaint Letter To Neighbor About Tree

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Learn how to write a complaint letter to neighbor about tree. Use our sample complaint letter to neighbor about tree as a template for your complaint letter.

Sample Complaint Letter To Neighbor About Tree

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RE: Tree Complaint

Dear Name of Receiver:

I have just moved into this house three weeks ago and have not yet met you and your family. I made several attempts to find you at home without success. 

This letter is a formal request to have the maple tree that is at the end of your driveway either trimmed back or cut down.  

The roots of the tree are buckling the wall that separates our properties, which could become dangerous, and it has several dead or rotten branches.

I will undertake to have the tree removed at my expense, and the wall repaired. If the tree can be sold for wood, any profit will be handed over to you. 

I appreciate your consideration in this matter, and am looking forward to coming to a satisfactory compromise for both of us. I can be reached at Phone Number or Email Address, but I hope to meet you in person soon.


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