[Sample] Compliment Letter to Hotel Staff

Learn how to write a compliment letter to hotel staff. Use our sample compliment letter to hotel staff as a template for your compliment letter.

Sample Compliment Letter To Hotel Staff

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[Name of Receiver]
[Position of Receiver]
[Name of Hotel]
[Address of Hotel]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Name of Receiver]:

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the service and care I received at [Name of Hotel] from [DATE] to [DATE]. 

I took my wife on our first vacation in 10 years, and I wanted it to be perfect. Your staff did not disappoint me.

Your concierge, [Name of Concierge], was able to get tickets to [The Lion King] at the last minute which was a real bonus for our vacation.

He also arranged a one-day tour of the wine district, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Staying in [Name of Hotel] actually enhanced our vacation experience.

Every staff member with whom we came in contact was attentive and kind including [NAME] in housekeeping and [NAME] for room service.

We have already decided to return to [Name of Hotel] for our next vacation, which will be next year.

We had a wonderful two week vacation, and I have recommended [Name of Hotel] to all of my colleagues, friends and family. Thank you again for such outstanding service.


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