Sample Cover Letter for Career Change to Human Resources

Learn how to write a cover letter for career change to human resources. Use our sample cover letter for career change as a template for your cover letter.

Sample cover letter for career change to human resources

Jennifer Stephens
89 Sycamore Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068


Lance Harmony
VP of Business Development
McClain Educational Center
15 Bi-Sentinel Lane
Philadelphia, PA 12345

Dear Lance:

I am writing as a fellow graduate of Ohio State University (class of 2005) and would honestly appreciate any understanding you might make available regarding McClain Educational Center. 

I have been working as an account executive for almost 10 years, but due to the current market falls, I am looking to switch into a career path that is more human resources related, and at a company such as yours.

Although I have found great success in sales and marketing, I have recognized the characteristics of my labor I find most gratifying are all HR-related tasks. 

The following offers a few suggestions and highlights some of my qualifications:

 Solid Establishment in HR:  As an account executive, I was accountable for numerous HR functions, including employing, questioning, the acquisition and preparation of new employees. 

I am a quick learner of multifaceted concepts and lawful issues; I am willing to enlarge these capabilities.

• Vibrant communication Style:  I am proficient in constructing relationships, agreement and a joint sense of persistence. 

I am recognized for my capability to rapidly form trust with workers, arbitrate disagreements and inspire others into accomplishment.

• Understanding of Corporate Training:  As a steady force, I have been persistent through my sales career. 

I have been involved in the design and conveyance of staff growth programs. Contented and knowledgeable are two of my top qualities. 

I am able to deliver presentation to groups of all sizes, both small and large. I have directed hundreds of teaching seminars for varied listeners across all administrative levels.

I know that you currently have three HR positions open. If you feel that my qualification can fit your companies’ high standards, I would love to speak with you further. 

Please take a look at my resume, which I have attached for your review and call me to discuss this further.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Stephen

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