Sample Cover Letter for Research Internship

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If you’re applying for a research internship, you should include a cover letter with your resume. Cover letters can help you stand out from the crowd since they allow you to communicate directly to the hiring manager and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the internship.

Learn how to create a cover letter for a research internship position. Make your cover letter stand out by using our research internship cover letter as a guide.

Sample Cover Letter For Research Internship

Jennifer Thomas
9090 Circle Drive
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

November 10, 2022

The Willow Corporation
1170 Lancaster Ave.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 45068
Attn: Mr. Calvert

Dear Mr. Calvert:

I am applying for the Scientific Research position that was listed at the Ohio State University Career Services Office. 

As you can see from my resume, which I have attached for your review, I have a great deal of experience working in both chemistry and geology. 

I have had both indoor and outdoor experience in this field and feel I would be an asset to your research department.

I know my way around a lab and have completed many studies dealing with chemical reactions and have observed specimens using a microscope. I enjoy chemistry and it is something I am looking into making a full-time career.

While I don’t have any formal job training in this field, I did have the opportunity to work as an intern last fall at Blenden Woods in Westerville, Ohio. 

I was the conservation assistant and helped to conduct outdoor experiments and research to help the park preserve their wildlife.

With the Willow Company’s dynamic reputation in preserving the wildlife and my previous experience in this field, I feel I am perfect for this internship. I feel my desire to learn and my previous experience would be an asset to your company.

By having an internship with your company, this would provide me the opportunity to expand my research skills. 

If you feel my qualifications are a good match for your program, I would love to schedule a time to sit down and discuss this further. I am hopeful I get the opportunity to speak with you further.


Jennifer Thomas