Sample Customer Service Cover Letter

Sample Customer Service Cover Letter

Jane Smith
123 North Lane
Belmont, Georgia 67393
(673) 343-9836

May 23, 2020

Mr. John Stabler
Human Resources Manager
XYZ Company
444 Park Lane
Belmont, Georgia 67393

Dear Mr. John Stabler, 

I am writing you to let you know how interested I am in the customer service job your company recently posted. I strongly believe I possess all the necessary skill sets and qualifications in order to successfully perform the requirements of the position being offered. 

As you can clearly see from my enclosed resume, I have vast experience working as a customer service specialist. When I worked for ABC Company, I was in charge of monitoring, tracking, reviewing, and processing various information related to both marketing and accounting. 

My position required solid organizational skills along with a comprehensive analytical approach to solving problems. Over time, I developed great interpersonal communication skills as well as how to deal with difficult customers. 

My in-depth knowledge of the key tools, resources, and procedures that are necessary to effectively manage such a diverse and extensive customer base has allowed me to successfully incorporate key strategies in order to maintain excellent customer support services. I am a passionate and highly motivated individual who believes that customer satisfaction is priority number one. 

I am confident that I can serve as a great asset to your organization and make a strong contribution to its overall growth. I would be grateful to have an opportunity to meet you face-to-face to discuss my vast skills sets. Please contact me at your earliest convenience by email or phone in order to schedule a date and time to meet. 

Thank you very much for considering me and taking the time to review my credentials. I look forward to speaking and meeting with you very soon. 


Jane Smith

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