[Sample] Eviction Letter to Family Member

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Learn how to write an eviction letter to family member. Use our sample eviction letter to family member as a template for your eviction letter.

Sample Eviction Letter To Family Member

April 23, 2022

Jim Short
324 12th Street, Apt. 32
Washington, DC, 20001

Dear Jim,

Because of your behavior, our living arrangement is not working out. So I’m hereby serving you notice of eviction. You have to be out of my apartment within 30 days, otherwise I’ll take legal action.

You have not paid rent for three months and have also invited people over without asking me, contrary to our original agreement. 

I’ve asked you to stop doing this but to no avail. You’ve also broken my television and damaged my kitchen table.

Photos are enclosed. I will not be responsible for any property that you leave behind here.

As you’re not on the lease, you have no legal right to be here, and I’m within my rights to notify law enforcement if you don’t go. So please find somewhere else to live within the specified 30 days.


Kevin Johnson
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