Sample Hardship Letter for Child Support

Learn how to write a hardship letter for child support. Use our sample hardship letter for child support as a template for your hardship letter.

Sample Hardship Letter For Child Support

January 11, 2022

Raymond Allen
7820 Mystic View Turn
Somerdale, N.J. 08083

Dear Raymond,

Caring for my daughter, Celeste, has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. She has always been my top priority and I want to begin by saying that that will never change.

Though I only get to see her every other weekend and on holidays, providing support to her has always been a top priority of mine.

There have been many times that I have done without to make sure that she had what she needed. She is a wonderful girl and I am proud to be her dad.

While my relationship with my daughter is great, and I understand the need for providing support, I have fallen on some hard times. 

Because of this financial pinch, I am forced to ask to suspend my child support payments for a period of six months, or until things improve.

As you well know, I was employed by ABC Corporation for 20 years and was one of the top tier employees. Sadly, top tier employees are often the ones that are cut first in times of financial crisis.

There was a round of budget cuts and I was laid off from my position on October 31, 2019. I will be fortunate enough to receive

Unemployment benefits, but this will not be enough to keep a roof over my head and utilities paid, let alone paying for child support. 

This lay off didn’t come as a surprise, as things were getting tight and I was able to save some back for a rainy day.

I want you to know that my layoff was not because of anything that I personally did. I always performed quality work and maintained a professional behavior at the plant. 

I have attached a copy of my layoff letter that also has a letter of recommendation for job hunting.

I am not the type of father who is trying to negate their responsibilities. I want to be able to provide for my child, but right now I don’t have the salary to do it with.

I don’t smoke, drink, have any hobbies and I barely just scrape by. I am currently looking for work with numerous companies and hoping to have a position soon.

I am only requesting this suspension until I am able to get back on my feet. I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. Attached is the layoff letter.


Andrew Brown