Sample Hardship Letter for Credit Card Debt

Below is a sample hardship letter for credit card debt. It should be sent via certified mail with a return receipt, so the sender will know when it was received. He or she should also keep a copy of the letter.

Sample Hardship Letter for Credit Card Debt

Amy Rowe
711 Crazy Lane
Fairfax, VA 48608

February 11, 2019

Bank Two Credit Card
123 7th Street
One City, GA 53681
Re: 444-5555-4444-333

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing regarding the above listed credit card. As you can see from reviewing the records, this card is a few months past due. I had a perfect payment history until I lost my job about 4 months ago. 

While I do receive unemployment, it is not nearly enough to pay the mounting debt I have. However, it is my desire to get this account current and to be in good standing. 

My credit card is racking up tons of charges for late payments and interest. I want to close this account out but still make payments on it. Would it be acceptable to pay $50 a month until this bill is paid off? 

I know that sometimes the credit card company can suspend the past due amounts, make the account current and put it on a payment plan. Is this possible for my account? If not, I would be interested in anything that you could do to help. 

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this account further. I can be reached anytime at 000-888-0345. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. 


Amy Rowe