Sample Interior Design Proposal Letter to Client

Learn how to write a interior design proposal letter to client. Use our sample interior design proposal letter to client as a template for your proposal letter.

sample interior design proposal letter to client

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Owner’s Name
Owner’s Address
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RE: Interior Design Proposal Letter

Dear [Owner’s Name],

We are happy to let you know that [Company’s Name] has created a proposal for interior design that meets your needs. After carefully reviewing the house design, as well as your requirements, we prepared the proposal.

The family area will have interior design work done on it. This includes the furniture, the ceiling, and the walls. We’ve chosen to stick with your color scheme since we think it works best for the appearance you’re going for. It will take 14 days to complete the work.

The proposal that is included with the letter provides a more thorough overview of the project. If you want to make any other changes to the proposal, please let us know. 

Please let us know when we can talk about the next steps as well. Call us at 555-201-1234 to get in touch. I’m hoping you’ll like the proposal.


Your Name
List of Enclosures: copy of interior design proposal

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