Sample Letter for Credit Report

The letter should have a polite and friendly tone. It will not help to criticize or complain about the bureau. If the request is being made because credit was denied to the consumer, a free copy of their credit report must be requested within 60 days of the denial. 

Debt Dispute?

If there is a debt dispute, an appeal must be initiated within 30 days. If the consumer believes he or she is the victim of credit fraud, they can ask the bureau to freeze their account, so no other debt can be added to it until the situation is cleared. 

The current mailing addresses for consumer correspondence of the three main credit bureaus can be found on their websites. Here is a sample credit report request letter. The letter should be sent by certified mail, so the consumer has proof of the time and date the letter was sent and received. 

The bureau must respond within 45 days of the date they receive the letter. If they don’t, the consumer should call them directly. This is especially important if the request is being made within a certain time limit. Any enclosures should be copies only, and no original documents should be sent. 

Sample Letter for Credit Report

February 28, 2019 

Trans Union Credit Bureau
PO Box 2000 
Chester, PA 19022

To Whom It May Concern:

I understand that it is my right to obtain a copy of my credit report once per year under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I have reason to believe that there is information in my report that is not accurate and I wish to verify these discrepancies. 

I have also been denied credit by Jim Wyle Chevrolet on February 15, 2019. To the best of my understanding, there should have been nothing to prevent me from purchasing a new car. I need to review my report to ensure the information obtained within is accurate. 

I know that your company will need some sort of verification to prove my identity. My social security number is 298-76-5498 and my current address is 120 Stewart Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43123. 

I have also attached a copy of my driver’s license which has my current address and social security number clearly printed on it. I would appreciate your prompt attention on this matter. 


Jeff Thompson
(614) 856-9087

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