Sample Letter of Reconsideration for College Admission

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A college or university may reject you for a variety of reasons, and not all of them need to be definitive. You have the right to send a letter of request for reconsideration to the college admissions board or committee outlining your mitigating circumstances and why you feel you should have your application reassessed.

The committee may reconsider its judgment and admit you if the reason was something beyond your control or that they felt was unfair.

Before Sending A Letter

Before sending a letter, you should ascertain whether there are any requirements or terms associated with the reconsideration of an application. You might need to fill out a form and attach it to the letter.

The letter should be written in a courteous yet assured tone. It must not appear as though you are upset or outraged at being rejected. 

Provide Rational Justifications

The letter must provide rational justifications for why you should be given another chance; it must not rely on hearsay or an emotional plea. You shouldn’t claim that receiving the rejection letter made them feel depressed emotionally and mentally.

The admissions head of the college should get the letter. You should check the college website or give them a call if you are unsure of their name. 

The reasons why the board should revisit your application should be outlined in the letter of reconsideration along with supporting documentation. The first sentence of the letter should contain a statement of its objective.

include application specifics

The letter must include your application date and specifics regarding why admission was denied. The admissions officer will benefit from having copies of all the correspondence on hand and not having to search for it. 

You should expressly mention that you have learned your lesson and that type of behavior will not happen again if the reason for rejection was due to a past incident.

The letter should make it clear your asking for your application to be reconsidered. You can provide a specific justification, such as the fact that the institution is the best in the nation for your area of study.

Call to follow up on the letter

You may state that you will call to follow up on the letter. After a week has passed since you received the letter, you can phone the admissions officer. 

Use formal names and a formal writing style when composing the letter. There should be no use of nick names or informal names. This letter must be taken seriously and professionally.

sample letter of reconsideration for college admission

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Admission Officer’s Name
Admission Officer’s Title
University or College’s Name
College’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Admission Officer:

Please evaluate my application to [Name of College] again. This is an official request. My application was rejected on [DATE], and the justification offered was that my SAT scores fell short of what the college required for admission.

I used test results from [DATE] for my application. After my father passed away, my mother needed support and assistance to rebuild her life. Since I am their only child, I had to assist her at the time and was unable to devote the necessary time to my SAT preparation.

I took the test again on [DATE] because I was aware that my results were inadequate. I was able to do well in my studying and raise both of my marks. My quantitative score increased from 550 to 720, and my writing score went from 570 to 750.

I am aware that my updated scores are higher than what is needed for admission. Because you have the best program for [Environmental Applications], my selected area of study, I would like to attend [name of college].

I am seeking that you reconsider your previous decision to deny my admission and grant me admittance for the upcoming semester based on these higher scores and the fact that the lower results were caused by factors outside of my control.

I can be reached at [555-123-4567] or [] if you have any questions or would like more information. I appreciate you giving my application considerable thought.


Your Name
List of Enclosures 

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