[Sample] Letter Requesting Funds for Project

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Learn how to write a letter requesting funds for project. Use our sample letter requesting funds for project as a template for your funding request letter.

Sample Letter Requesting Funds For Project

Project Title (Renovation of Historical Victorian Mansion)

I. Proposal Summary (one short paragraph)

I am requesting a grant of $20,000 to restore a Victorian mansion that I own, which is on the list of historical property in my city.

I will use the funds to refurbish and restore the house to its original beauty, and make it into a functioning bed and breakfast inn.

II. History and Organization Plan (one page)

The home was originally built by my great-grandfather and recently came into my possession when my father passed away. 

I have had discussions with several contractors who specialize in restoration to get estimates and plans for the job. (details can be given)

III. Background (one page about the project and why it is a good investment)

The mansion has stood empty for the past 20 years and is in need of major repairs. It is in an economically developed part of the city and would add to the beauty of the parkland and outdoor shopping center if it were renovated to its former glory. 

Since I have retired, my wife and I would like to live in the mansion and operate a bed and breakfast establishment, but we don’t have the means to refurbish the building. If it were renovated, it would add value to the city and attract tourists to the area. 

IV. Project Description with timeline (one to four pages about goals and how to reach them)

We have the estimate of a local contractor who has renovated Victorian buildings in the past, and we have seen the results of his work. He also has an interest in the development of the city and doing a good job. 

We would like to finish the job before the tourist season begins in the fall, which is about September 15th. The contractor assured us he could complete the task in that time frame. 

(Provide a detailed copy of the estimate give by the contractor that shows how the requested grant money will be spent.) 

V. Qualifications

We understand that your foundation’s mission is to beautify and promote the city. We believe our Victorian mansion on ADDRESS is an important part of the history of this city and, if renovated to be attractive and useful, it can contribute to your mission.