Sample Reference Letter to Immigration to Support Marriage

Sample Reference Letter To Immigration To Support Marriage

Rebecca Bridges
123 Curtis Street
Berkeley, CA 10006

May 9, 2019

USCIS California Service Center
1345 Central Boulevard
Oakland, CA 12345

RE: Letter of Support for Alex & Jennifer Lopez

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Rebecca Bridges, and I was born on 04/12/79 in Berkeley, California. I have known the married couple since 05/01/2014 when they moved into our neighborhood.

Since that time our families socialize frequently. My husband and I have spent time at their home, and they often come to ours for dinner, barbecues, and movie nights.

It is my opinion that Alex & Jennifer Lopez are in love and committed to each other. I believe they have made a lifetime commitment to each other and are happy. 

I appreciate the opportunity to provide this information. Should you have any questions or need more information, my contact number is (134) 555-8877.


Rebecca Bridges

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