[Sample] Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage

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reference letter for immigration marriage is a letter written by people who are well-known to the couple to vouch for the validity of their relationship.

Reference Letter For Immigration Marriage Sample

[Rebecca Bridges]
[123 Curtis Street]
[Berkeley, CA 10006]

[July 17, 2021]

[USCIS California Service Center]
[1345 Central Boulevard]
[Oakland, CA 12345]

RE: Reference letter for [Alex & Jennifer Lopez]

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is [Rebecca Bridges], and I was born on [04/12/80] in [Berkeley, California]. I have known the married couple since [05/01/2015] when they moved into our neighborhood.

Since that time our families socialize frequently. My husband and I have spent time at their home, and they often come to ours for dinner, barbecues, and movie nights.

It is my opinion that [Alex & Jennifer Lopez] are in love and committed to each other. I believe they have made a lifetime commitment to each other and are happy. 

I appreciate the opportunity to provide this information. Should you have any questions or need more information, my contact number is [(134) 555-8877].


[Rebecca Bridges]